Allows a user to distribute multiple Google presentation to multiple destination folders in different formats(as zip, as slide, as pdf, as shortcut)
Listing updated:May 14, 2024
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"Distribute for Google Slides™" transforms how you share and manage Google Slides™ presentations across your organization. Select multiple slides as sources and distribute them effortlessly to numerous destination folders with customized formats to suit every need. Ideal for educators, managers, and marketing professionals seeking a streamlined way to disseminate information.

* Selective Slide Distribution: Choose specific slides from multiple presentations and distribute them to different folders.

* Multiple File Formats:
-- PDF: Combine selected slides into a single PDF document.
-- ZIP with JPG Images: Export slides as JPEGs in a ZIP file.
-- Merged Google Slides™ File: Consolidate slides into one presentation file.
-- Flattened Google Slides™ Presentation: Each slide is turned into a flattened image to maintain design integrity.

* Unlimited Flexibility: No limit on the number of source files or destination folders.

* Direct Sharing Options: Distribute as shortcuts or as direct copies of source files, facilitating straightforward sharing.

* User Selection Control: Handpick the pages you want to include from the source files for most distribution types.

* Enhanced Productivity: Save time and reduce errors/manual effort in distributing presentation materials.

* Tailored Sharing: Share specific content with targeted teams or individuals, enhancing communication effectiveness.

* Scalable Solutions: Suitable for any size team, from small groups to large enterprises.

How It Works
1. Choose Your Source Slides: Select the slides you need from any of your Google Slides™ presentations.

2. Select the Distribution Format: Decide on the format that best suits your needs—PDF, ZIP file, merged presentation, or flattened presentation.

3. Pick Destination Folders: Choose as many destination folders as necessary to distribute your slides.

4. Distribute: With just a few clicks, your selected slides are on their way to the designated recipients.

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Ready to streamline your slide distribution? Install "Distribute for Google Slides™" from the Google Workspace™ Marketplace and enhance your workflow efficiency today!
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