19 tools to format & navigate docs, create professional styles, and mail merge from docs easy.
Listing updated:June 19, 2024
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19 tools to format & navigate docs, create professional styles, and mail merge from docs easy.



11 single-click tools to make your text look the way you need.
  - Change case: Sentence case., tOGGLE, UPPER, lower, Capitalize Text
  - Highlight important information
  - Remove all or certain colors
  - Sort your tables, list items, & even headings
  - Convert the selected words to digits
  - Spell numbers


Create & apply professional designs to your documents:
  - Use 20 built-in style sets
  - Style paragraphs or entire documents
  - See a full-size preview
  - Add your own styles (paid feature, 60-day trial available)
  - Edit style elements (paid feature, 60-day trial available)


Personalize and send bulk emails right from Google Docs™:
  - Craft email templates in Google Docs™
  - Connect with a mailing list from Google Sheets™
  - Customize emails with attachments and/or direct file sharing
  - Track delivery status for each recipient
  - Easily exclude specific contacts from campaigns


Jump between & manage different types of data:
  - Headings
  - Bookmarks (add, rename, get link, delete) 
  - Links (paid feature, 60-day trial available)
  - Images
  - Tables
  - Search a word or phrase
  - Search results in context & in every type of data

All payments are secure and include an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.
If you have any questions about the add-on, please post them here:
We'll be happy to assist!
Doc Tools is a proud member of the Ablebits product family. We build add-ons that help you make the most of Google Workspace™. Visit our official website to learn more:
***** V2.1 (25 Apr 2024) *****
⭐ New features ⭐
- Easy Mail Merge. Create personalized email campaigns directly from your Google Docs™. Craft your email templates & send them to your mailing list from a selected Google™ table. Each recipient receives a tailored email, making your outreach more effective and efficient.

- Styles:
  1. Set up your titles, headings & subtitles in upper case with the corresponding option in the Edit window.
  2. Quickly locate files with styles in Drive™ by their name using the 'Search' field during the import.

- Styles:
  1. Names of style elements disappeared outside the window if a large number was set as an indent.
  2. A blank style could appear, impossible to edit or remove.
- Minor UX and UI fixes.

***** V2.0 (16 Nov 2023) *****
⭐ New features ⭐
- Search & Navigate. Get the lists of all the headings, bookmarks, links, images & tables from your document. Search for specific text and see its every occurrence through the doc. 
- Styles. Apply professional-looking styles to your documents. Create your custom styles or use 20+ pre-supplied sets.

- Enjoy the new design :)
- Eraser: a single click on the tool icon now removes the color featured on the icon (the one you select in its drop-down).

- Change case: sometimes changed the font size to 11.
- Sentence case: 
  1. Duplicated parts of the selected text.
  2. Capitalized the 2nd word if there was a leading space before the capital letter in the first sentence of the paragraph.
- Highlight text: errored if a few non-printing characters at the end of the paragraph were selected along with the text.
- Sorting: sorted multilevel lists with images incorrectly.
- Some tools formatted the first word in a paragraph when the cursor was placed at the end of that paragraph. 
- Used to remove images, formulas and bookmarks (if any) keeping only the changed text. Also, reset the superscript and subscript text to normal.
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June 24, 2024
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Ben Bonthuys
February 17, 2024
For being such a basic piece of software it's absolutely not worth paying for. Pathetic that they would allow one use per day then harass you with a paywall. I will never purchase the subscription they're forcing down your throat, ever.
Is this review helpful?
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A User of Doc Tools
May 17, 2024
The functionality responsible for styles does not perform its function. Only basic formatting settings are saved, such as font and size. But many other settings are not saved; for example, almost all paragraph settings are ignored.
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Bamf LR
March 26, 2024
What's this nonsense about my free trial expiring? I thought this was a free add-on with paid features, not something requiring a subscription for general use. $43 annually or $100 for this tool's lifespan is too much considering I only use it to quickly alphabetize lists. No, that cute little sale you offered when saying my surprise free-trial was over still did not make it worth it. This saves me some time, but that's all. I'd rather save my money.
Is this review helpful?
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Santino Rolfo
April 27, 2024
Now I need a subscription to use it? Bruh, not worth it tbh.
Is this review helpful?
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Michael Nicholls
April 25, 2024
Loved it, but recently for some reason it is blocked for Google Workspace
Is this review helpful?
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R. James Gauvreau
January 26, 2024
"Sorted Paragraphs" does everything that I need it to do, and does it a little faster, and without demanding a subscription.
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Maddux Brown
February 15, 2024
Used to be free and amazing, but now they are charging a subscription for basic tools???? Absurd.
Is this review helpful?
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Gwydion Weber
January 19, 2024
implementation of the features is frankly not that good, especially as it eventually asks you to pay a hundred bucks to be allowed to continue using it
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Bjorn Behrendt
June 21, 2023
Had the features I needed. I did have an issue with one of the features, but it got worked out quickly by contacting support, which was very responsive.
Is this review helpful?
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