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Export Google Docs™ to WordPress with 1 Click. Publish blog posts in your WordPress site from Docs™. Do SEO content analysis, keep formatting, images, styles, plus word counter and readability score.
Listing updated:September 28, 2022
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✅ Write your articles in Google Docs™ and export them with one click to your WordPress site with DocPress. Our users save at least 20 minutes for every post they export.

➤ With you don’t need to change your workflow. Write and collaborate in Google Docs™ as usually. Create H1, H2. H3, add links, bold text or other types of styles, also images.

➤ Yes, you can add images and they will automatically be imported to the WordPress site.

✅ Features:
- Create and publish directly from Google Docs™ to WordPress
- Add any style you want to make your article amazing
- Add images plus alt attributes: auto rename + alt added
- add SEO link options: no follow, open in new page

✅ Latest Features:
- Word counter and reading time, plus other stats
- Readability score, Flesch kincaid grade
- SEO Analysis for your content
- Export content to Markdown
- The first image in the article is the featured image in WP
- Title is automatically added based in the first h1

➤ Stats:
- Word counter
- Characters
- Reading Time
- Speaking Time

➤ Our SEO content tool analyses your article for the following search engine optimization (SEO) key points:.
- word count
- target keyword in title
- target keyword at the beginning of content
- headings
- target keyword in lower headings
- use of images
- alt text for your images
- links

➤ Optimize your copy for reader engagement and SEO. DocPress tools act like a SEO writing assistant. Use it for content optimization. We will add more tools soon.

➤ Readability:
- Flesch reading ease
- Flesch kincaid grade
- Smog index
- Coleman liau index
- Automated readability index
- Linsear write formula
- Rix
- Median grade

More features will be added in the next update.

✅ With our free plan you get one site to publish 5 articles monthly. 
✅ With the premium plans you can add up to 50 blogs and unlimited users. 

➤ When you connect your blog it will automatically import your blog categories and display them to be selected.

- Publish on multiple WordPress blogs
- Categories are automatically imported
- Titles are added automatically to WordPress

➤ exports your document to WordPress with clean styles and it will automatically import your images.

You can publish your post directly from Google Docs™ or just add it as a draft and polish it in your WordPress site.

Now it's possible to update a post exported with DocPress in WordPress with the option link the document to the post id.

✅ Latest release:
v1.3.4 updates
- small bug fixes

v1.3.1 updates
- small bug fixes

v1.3 updates
- small bug fixes
- link document to post id option

v1.21 updates
- added word counter, character counter, reading time and more
- added readability score
- added export to markdown
- added content SEO analysis
- small bug fixes

v1.13 updates
- small bug fixes

v1.12 updates
- links options: open all links in a new tab,  apply 'nofollow' attribute to links
- add alt text to images
- small bug fixes
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