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Create Google Docs™ or PDF documents based on a individual Google Docs™ template and merge Google Sheets™ content like texts, links and images.
Listing updated:December 5, 2022
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The Docs Creator add-on from apps experts features a classic mail merge function for Google Docs™! Create Google Docs™ templates as a Google document and maintain individual personalized content, such as customer master data, price information and addresses in Google Sheets™. Create marketing oder customer specific documents with individual text, links and images.

Supported Languages:
- german
- english

Help and Support:  
We are providing a short quick start guide and a detailed user manual. You can also contact our support team directly if you have any questions or problems. For more information please check out our support center:

Use Cases:
- Create Google Docs™ documents automatically based on any individual document template.
- Merge individual customer or employee master data in your docs documents automatically.
- Create marketing or customer specific mail letters with individual images and links.

- Create and share documents automatically and merge customer or company specific content similar to a classic mail merge
- Reduce maintenance and update efforts because data is only maintained once in your sheet
- Individualize your docs automatically with any text content and links to documents or insert images dynamically. 
- Create documents and send them directly via email. Attach your created documents as PDF or share them via link. 

Quick Start:
1. To create a new Job click on button "Create".
2. Insert a job name und define if the new job should run on demand or periodically. 
3. Based on your selected sheet data you define which data will be processed. If necessary change row index of your column headers and start row of data. Each column header can be used as placeholder in your Google Docs™ template later.
4. Via filter settings you can define a condition based rule to filter your data records further. 
5. Finally, configure action settings. Use column headers as placeholders like %columnHeader% in your defined document template. You can insert them into any paragraph or table of your Google Docs™ document template to merge dynamic data.
6. To save your job click the "Save"-Button. 
7. Your created job is now listed in start page "Job Overview". Here you can change or run your created job at any time.

You can find a detailed manual if you follow this link:

For further information please follow this link:

Docs Creator is a popular classic mail merge / document merge add-on available in the Google Workspace Marketplace and an alternative to add-ons like Autocrat by New Visions Cloudlab, Document Studio by Digital Inspiration, Merge Factory by PCAdd-ons and Avery Label Merge.

Some add-on features are only available in our premium version of Docs Creator add-on. By using Free-Version of the add-on you can create up to 10 Google Docs™ documents at once at a maximum of 150 documents per month. By using one of our premium versions you can also filter your datasets based on conditions, create documents in PDF format and sent them directly via email. 
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