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Free, open-source Drive add-on that converts a Google Doc to simple, readable Markdown or HTML.
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Docs to Markdown (GD2md-html) converts Google Docs to simple, readable Markdown or HTML. Now open-source!

This add-on allows you to create documents using the excellent editing and collaborative features of Google Docs, then convert to Markdown or HTML that you can store as text files using a version-control system.

Note that Docs to Markdown marks up the content (headings, paragraphs, lists, code blocks, etc.) but does not preserve colors and styles in text or tables.

See for docs. See for the source.

Release information (most recent on top):
-v 1.0β33 (8 Jan. 2022): Add reckless mode (no warnings or inline alerts). (sidebar, gdc, html)
- v 1.0β31 (24 Aug. 2021): Don't contain <hr> in <p> for HTML.
- v 1.0β30 (1 July 2021): Reduce whitespace after list item (bullets, numbers) in Markdown.
- v 1.0β29: Handle partial selections correctly (expand to whole paragraph).
- v1.0β27 (19 June 2020): Copy output to clipboard. Print success/error messages for clipboard output (see chromium bug 1074489). 
- v1.0β26 (6 June 2020): Render soft line breaks correctly in HTML (<br> not &lt;br>).
-v1.0β25: Use image path in this form: images/image1.png, images/image2.png, etc. Clean up old zip image code.
-v1.0β24: Correct a spelling error (s/Supress/Suppress/).
-v1.0β23: Copy converted output to the clipboard. Add option to suppress top comment.
-v1.0β22: Roll back font-change runs for now (still causing problems), but keep table note.
-v1.0β21: Add a note that tables are currently converted to HTML tables. No change to rendered conversion.
-v1.0β20: Handle font-change runs with extra whitespace better (italic, bold, etc.).
-v1.0β19 (March 7, 2020): Fix for angle bracket at beginning of a line. Also: use doc title instead of URL in conversion comment.
-v1.0β18 (12 Feb., 2020): Escape HTML tags by default, render them optionally.
- v1.0β17 (5 April, 2019): Convert smart quotes to straight quotes in code, but leave them alone in other text.
- v1.0β16 (25 Feb. 2019): Handle simple nested lists properly in HTML conversion (Markdown already works well).
- v1.0β15 (10 Feb. 2019): Number ordered list items sequentially (instead of using 1. for all items).No change to rendered HTML.
- v1.0β14 (15 Jan. 2019): Name change to Docs to Markdown: now published on G Suite Marketplace.
- v1.0β13 (29 Sept. 2018): Close strikethrough text properly at the end of a paragraph.
- v1.0β12 (24 Sept. 2018) : Convert strikethrough text.
- Revert to: // - 1.0β11: Fix small bug: replace bufout with bufHTML. Remove version number from banner. Retitle.
- v1.0β12 (28 May, 2018): Replace < with &lt; by default. Add option to allow HTML tags. Also allow escape (\<).
- v1.0β11 (24 March, 2018): No effect on output. Remove version number from banner. Retitle.
- v1.0β10 (17 Feb. 2018): Handle soft line-breaks (shift-enter) properly. (Markdown and HTML)
- v1.0β9 (9 Nov. 2017): Handle embedded paragraphs in list items for Markdown.
- v1.0β8 (30 Oct. 2017): Use _ instead of * for italic markup to avoid ambiguity (Markdown).
- v1.0β7 (10 Oct., 2017): Warn if DEBUG is true.
- v1.0β6 (07 Oct., 2017): Ignore headings that are blank or just contain whitespace.
- v1.0β5 (17 Sept., 2017): Warn about multiple H1 headings, but only in the top comment, not inline.
- v1.0β4 (16 Sept., 2017): Don't wrap HTML by default. Add checkbox option to wrap HTML. For footnotes also.
- v1.0β3 (29 July, 2017): Escape angle brackets (<) in HTML code blocks.
- v1.0β2 (15 July, 2017): Check for spurious 0-row table. Fix image path for placeholder links.
- v1.0β (10 July, 2017): Initial release of gd2md-html.
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