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Most powerful and fastest Document merge tool for automating google docs and PDF conversion. Use this Document Studio for document merge and PDF conversion for free.
Listing updated:November 29, 2022
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Automate your document merge and PDF generation with Pigeon Form Publisher. Use this document studio for letter, envelopes and other document merge like PDF, docs to PDF files just in one click with the most powerful and Fastest document studio. 

Generate personalized documents using the most powerful and fastest Form Publisher tool. You can generate documents and PDFs in bulk with Google Sheets™. Use this Mass generation tool to generate merged documents directly from your Google Sheets™.

The tool works with Google Sheets™ to generate mass Customized and merged Google Docs™ and PDFs.

A way of merging document like an alternative of mail merge for Gmail™. You can send mail merge of the generated merged documents with mail merge for Gmail™.

*Features of the automated document generation Form Publisher*
1. Use a template Google Document to generate thousands of personalized Google Documents or PDFs from Google Sheet data.
2. Form Publisher by Pigeon Mail is a document generator or document merge solution: generate PDF, Google Docs™, Sheets™, Slides™, Microsoft Word, Excel and more.
3. Email & print personalized docs and PDFs based on templates + spreadsheet.
4. Create customized documents, certificates and reports from data in Google Sheets or Google Forms.
5. Generate Personalized docs, PDFs.
6. We ask for the minimum possible permissions.
7. We are the fastest and fully automated. Documents are merged and generated with in few seconds.
8. Draft your template in Google Docs.
9. Supports Customization and Personalization.
10. Generates both docs and PDFs.
11. Convert Google Docs into PDFs.

No more manual document typing. Automate and simplify the creation of the most tedious business processes using Pigeon Form Publisher addon. 
- Sales/Purchase/Quote requests: automatically generate documents like sales orders, purchase requests or quotes based on information provided by your customers entered in Google Sheets™. 
- Generate Invoices: automatically generate invoices for all your customers at the end of the month with data in the Google Sheets™. You can then easily send them by our mail merge solution Pigeon Mail: Mail Merge for Gmail™.
- Attendance/assessment certificates: generate certificates for your students, running events, bootcamp and have them be automatically sent to the attendees completely personalized for every one. 
- Agreements: create agreements that can be sent out, signed, and retrieved automatically. 
- Lesson plans: have customized lesson plans generated and sent to your every students or clients based on the information they provide. 
- Invitation/Registration forms: send customized invitations against the registration information into proper documents for your records. 
- Easy and fastest Docs to PDF conversion

*Alternative tools for Document merge*
Document Studio, Publigo document merge, Go document merge, Form Publisher etc are some of the alternative tools for document merge. Among them Form Publisher by Pigeon Mail is fastest than publigo document merge, go document merge, document studio, form publisher and other document merge solution.

It is as fast as our other tools like mail merge solution, mail merge for google mail, bulk email merge and other by pigeon mail. You can merge more than 200 docs and PDFs just in as less than 20 seconds.

This document merge tool can also be one of the best alternative tool of Zapier or Pabbly in terms of time it consume for document merge.

This tool can also replace the need of subscribing high cost PDF conversion tool.

Thus Document merge and PDF conversion made easy and much more faster than earlier tool now with this Form Publisher by Pigeon Mail tool.

Use this document studio tool to Create customized documents, certificates and reports from data in Google Sheets or Google Forms.

So what are you waiting for install the most powerful document merge solution right now.

- Your Data belongs only to YOU
- We do not store any data
- All permissions are used entirely for the app's functioning

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So what you are waiting for?
Get our tool and rocket fire your document merge and PDF conversion with the simplest and most powerful document merge tool, "Pigeon Publisher".
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