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Dooster is a powerful new online task and project manager that syncs neatly with your Google apps to help save you time and effort. Very easy to use. Fantastic task and email integration... and more
Get in control of your tasks, emails and team - the easy way.

“Dooster stands head and shoulders above the others out there in features and ease-of-use - including Basecamp”. Eric Taylor, California.

Welcome to the online project management and task collaboration tool that will help you and your team get more productive. 

Get everything you need to make you and your business look better to your suppliers and clients. 

Easy-to-create tasks with tags, quick assign and auto-reminders. Plus billing/timers, mindmaps, Google integration (Cal/Files/Docs) and more. Get all your stuff into one silo. 

Own branding/logo/colors and all features at free trial and paid levels. No training. Easy and fast setup.


* Simple, neat and easy to use
* Fully brandable – can look like it was specially made for you
* Your total task manager – gives you everything you need

* Automated alerts and reminders / optional
* Powerful permissions / access restrictions. Varies per project
* Great timer / billing feature
* Gantts

* Recurring / Tags  etc
* Ticketing system option
* Can use as a CMS
* Project Mindmaps / Noticeboards – messaging

* Powerful Filters give you easy overviews
* Snapshot views of individual workloads; Discover your A B & C players
* Flexible: Work from anywhere 

* Free support 

* Create tasks from your Gmail quickly and easily
* Syncs perfectly with your Google Calendars and Docs and Contacts
* Attach Google Docs to specific tasks 
* Share with your Google Contacts


* Great value for money. Lower priced than similar applications
* Grows with you and your business - Gets as big as you want
* No expensive technical support


* No “switch over” pain…. use it alongside your existing systems 
* If you don't like it there is no big effort to revert to your old systems
* No complex contract. Cancel anytime
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A User of Dooster
May 20, 2018
very helpfull and organizer app
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A User of Dooster
May 20, 2018
Great app for organizing your tasks. Very helpful and user-friendly
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A User of Dooster
May 20, 2018
Excellent app. It made my project tracking flow much easier. A lot of cool features
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Jennyfer M.
July 23, 2015
It would be better if tech support would actually answer questions and if the notification sounds would SOUND
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