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Drag is an all-in-one workspace for Gmail™ and Google Workspace™. Stop switching between tools. Run your entire workflow from your inbox.
Listing updated:August 31, 2021
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Drag is building the World's best all-in-one workspace in Gmail, for G Suite customers.

📢 Please ensure that install Drag's Chrome extension also to access all features (This add-on is for small mobile features only). Install Drag Chrome extension here:

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📬 Shared inbox
Finally, a Shared Inbox built into the place you spend your day.
✓ Shared inbox for Gmail
✓ Share group emails like support@ or info@
✓ Organize incoming emails in visual boards
✓ Assign emails and know who is doing what
✓ Collaborate in shared drafts, internal chat and notes
✓ Automate your workflows with rules
✓ Report on your team’s activity

🏋️‍♀️ Kanban boards
Use boards to create all types of workflows, inside Gmail.
✓ Kanban boards for Gmail
✓ Create unlimited kanban boards and organize emails in them
✓ Use boards to create all types of workflows, inside Gmail

🏈 Internal team chat
Collaborate with team members within the context of a specific task.
✓ Gmail chat
✓ Share emails and have internal chats with your team
✓ Collaborate with team members within the context of a specific task

🏷️ Shared labels
Organize, prioritize and manage emails and tasks using shared labels.
✓ Shared labels for Gmail
✓ Sync. conversations in real-time across all devices (e.g., mobile, desktop)

📨 Shared drafts
Get help or approvals for drafts before sending emails.
✓ Shared drafts for Gmail
✓ Share drafts with your team
✓ Get help or approvals for drafts before sending emails
✓ Smart collision detection to avoid duplicate work

👓 Views
Set up your boards with the best view for the way that best suits your team.
✓ Different views for Gmail
✓ List and kanban views
✓ Set up your boards with the best view for the way that best suits your team

🪁 Tasks
Emails and tasks go hand-in-hand. Manage Tasks and collaborate with your team inside Gmail.
✓ Task management in Gmail
✓ Emails and tasks go hand-in-hand
✓ Manage Tasks and collaborate with your team inside Gmail
✓ Combine tasks and emails

📕 Notes
✓ Email notes in Gmail
✓ Add different formats such as H1, H2, H3, links and more
✓ Collaborate with your team and resolve things faster

✔️ Checklists
Emails come with things to do. Now you can add a checklist of to-dos and check them off when complete.
✓ Checklists for Gmail
✓ Breakdown work that needs to be done on email
✓ Prioritize tasks inside an email

📆 Due dates
Plan and track your time better with visual due dates for Email and tasks.
✓ Due dates in Gmail
✓ Sync. with Google Calendar
✓ Plan and track your time better with visual due dates for Email and tasks

🕹️ Workflow automation
Create rules to automate your workflows. It helps your team focus on the things that matter the most.
✓ Workflow automation for Gmail
✓ Automate teamwork.
✓ Create rules to automate your workflows
✓ Automate repetitive tasks such as tagging, setting due dates, archiving

⚽ Team reports
Reports at your fingertips. Reporting gives you clear insights into team performance, and identifies where to improve.
✓ Team reports in Gmail
✓ View how many new emails
✓ View email replies
✓ Manage actions inside Gmail such as archiving

📧 Email templates
Personalized email templates, in Gmail. Send emails in scale with a personal touch.
✓ Make email writing easy and fast
✓ Share email templates with your team
✓ Send personalized emails with custom fields 

🕵️ Email tracking
✓ Email tracking for Gmail
✓ Know if, when, and how often the receiver views your emails in real-time.
✓ Know when people open your emails to provide insights for your team.

🔁 Email sequences
Scheduling email follow-ups does all the hard work of getting answers and closing things off.
✓ Email sequences for Gmail
✓ Set automatic follow-ups

📱 Mobile Apps 
✓ Drag for iOS & Android
✓ Drag for Gmail
✓ Drag for Google Calendar

Drag is used by thousands of companies for:

✓ Shared Inbox
✓ Help Desk
✓ Sales CRM
✓ To-do list
✓ Marketing
✓ Project management
✓ Customer onboarding
✓ Software development
✓ Recruiting
✓ Remote work
✓ Solo
✓ Create your own workflow in Gmail

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Drag is trusted by over 30,000 professionals around the World. Here’s what some of our users have said: 

“We needed a Shared Mailbox for G Suite - currently using Google Groups (and we’re old Google Inbox users also). Have also tried Hiver, Streak and Gmelius. All great solutions but Drag is top-of-class and more than fits the bill.”

"We have used Sortd for years and then came across Drag! Sortd were great in the early days, but we can see that Drag are pumping out the features and really fit what our team need."

“I was chomping at the bit for this!!!! Now I have it, I’m in love with it. I am in project management, so on top of managing myself I have to manage a lot of others. While I have to-do systems such as Trello and Gmelius, most of those to-dos are spurred from emails (or an email that has a lot of information)."

“We’ve previously used tools such as Wunderlist, Asana, Streak, Evernote, Todoist,, Trello, however they’re all focused on managing Tasks inside a tool. I need to manage my tasks inside my inbox. Booooom, then Drag came a long. Honestly, it’s the most productive Chrome extension I’ve used in years. Thanks Drag, I’m an official Dragster now!”

"Previously Sortd, now flying the flag for Drag!!" 

Check out more reviews at: 

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