Dream Style Doc™ will transform the image into different styles. Powered by Stable Diffusion AI, Stable Diffusion img2img AI, Stable Diffusion anime AI, pytorch-animegan AI.
Listing updated:November 27, 2023
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Dream Style Doc™ add-on is a creative tool, powered by the most advanced AI, Including:
openai Dall-E2 AI model.
anything model AI V3,
anime-anything-promptgen-v2 (for optimize prompt)
InstructPix2Pix AI model,
 Stable Diffusion AI model V2.1, 
Stable Diffusion img2img AI, 
Stable Diffusion anime AI, 
stable_diffusion_infinite_zoom AI model,
pytorch-animegan AI. 
Stable Diffusion fine tuned on Midjourney v4 AI model,
stable diffusion promptist AI model (Fine-tune the model of gpt2, for optimize prompt),
codeformer AI model.

The new version is very fast!
And filter NSFW content!

In Google docs™ and Google slides™, if you want to upload a picture with a unique style temporarily, you only need to enter a simple prompt, and it can be generated immediately. Moreover, if you have a ready-made picture and you want to make your uploaded picture have a unique style, then this addon is a good choice. Dream Style Doc™ addon will transform the image into different styles. Endless styles can be generated.

User Guide:
Step1: Click the << icon, display menu icon; Click the menu icon, and then the operation guide will appear, follow the guide; Step2: Enter your text in the input box according to the operation guide. step3: For more help, please click the ? icon.
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Dream Style Doc will need access to your Google account
This will allow Dream Style Doc to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Docs documents
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
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G-spot time
February 25, 2023
This plugin is installed on google doc, and I also saw a version that can be installed on google slides. Really interesting, this add-on integrates multiple (at least 3) image AI. Really can transform pictures into kaleidoscopic styles.
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