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Use Drive Mechanic to create order among permissions, folders and files in your Google Drive.
One of the most common challenges of using Google Drive is that all users share folders and files directly with each other, which can be perceived as unstructured and messy. When many users share common resources in a folder structure, there is also a risk that information is inadvertently deleted. Drive Mechanic create order among permissions and folder structures and protect the data from being erased.

- Add to Drive
- Ownership Management
- Share Permissions
- Scheduled actions
Drive Mechanic is part of a series of proprietary components from Online Partner AB that provide more functionality and leverage to our customers' business and operational processes, than what is possible with Google Apps out-of-the-box. 

Contact us if you want to learn more about how Drive Mechanic can help you get more structure in Google Drive. Contact us today. You can reach us at or by telephone: +46(0)8 636 53 10.
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