DriveWatcher is a smart notification service that works on files in Google Drive folders and shared drives. It integrates into any Google Chat space.
Listing updated:December 13, 2023
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DriveWatcher  is a smart notification service to monitor all actions performed on Google Drive files. Set up as many alerts as you want and notify as many users as you need about updates to shared files.

DriveWatcher provides control and security by notifying any changes made within the files, to ensure the validation flow of the documents and the security of each one of them. 

Set up the frequency with which you want to monitor the folders and how often you want to receive the alert. By downloading this application you can configure it directly to receive notifications in any Google Chat space, via Gmail or browser notifications. 

What Google Drive resources does DriveWatcher monitor?
- Shared Drives
- Drive Folder
- Drive File
- Google Forms
- Google Sheets

What actions can be monitored? 
- New files uploaded
- Documents that have been edited 
- Files moved to another destination
- Deleted files 
- Renamed documents 
- Change of permissions on folders or documents

DriveWatcher's outstanding features:
- Real-time alerts: Define the periodicity with which you want to receive notifications. Every 10 minutes, 1 hour, daily or weekly. 
- Many ways to notify: Choose to be notified by Gmail, Google Chat, or web browser alerts.
- Action history: Access a detailed history of past actions in your archives. This can be useful for tracking, auditing, and analysis.
- Integrate work teams: Invite your co-workers to form an alert team in DriveWatcher to make sure they don't miss any changes made to shared folders.
- Stress-free collaboration: Facilitate team collaboration knowing that you are always aware of changes. Save time and avoid unnecessary conflicts by having a complete view of who did what.

 - Free 2 subscriptions
 - 2,50 € per monthly subscription 
 - Payment plans:

How to get started 
 - App:
 - Configuration:

Use cases
 - DriveWatcher accelerates the delivery of radio and TV and radio voiceovers
 - With DriveWatcher alerts, Andrea & Gestao keep their clients in the loop effortlessly
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