A lightweight Google Sheets™ plugin for finding drug names and resolving them to IDs such as DrugBank and NHS...
Listing updated:November 17, 2023
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This add-on finds drug names in a string and puts DrugBank, MeSH and NHS IDs in the next column.

To use the add-on, simply select the range of cells that contain the text you want to search, and then click on the add-on icon in the toolbar. The add-on will then scan the selected cells and put the DrugBank, MeSH and NHS IDs of any drug names it finds in the next columns.

The add-on is very lightweight and easy to use, and it can be a great way to save time when you need to identify drug names in a large amount of text. 

This add-on finds only high confidence drugs.

It also only finds the English names of these drugs. Names in other languages are not supported.

It also doesn't find short code names of drugs, such as abbreviations commonly used in medicine, such as "Ceph" for "Cephradin" - as these are highly ambiguous.
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