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Drutas makes it easy to Capture, Collaborate, Plan and Build your ideas.
What’s there?
Drutas is a product development and project management tool developed by agile development team. Delivering awesome software products is easier when you have all your project data, ideas, interactions, bugs, discussions, tasks, feature requests, user stories, sprints, releases and everything related to the project together at one place.

What’s good?
Drutas makes it quicker and easier by being the platform where they are captured, shared, brainstormed, discussed, divided, categorized, tagged, assigned, subscribed, estimated, planned, prioritized, updated, closed and resolved. It helps Product Development Teams to stay focused on their priorities and can re-prioritize their product’s top 20-30 tasks even when change requests come in.

What’s more? 
User-friendly dashboards, burn-down charts, resource allocation, resource activity monitors, resource availability diagrams, release progress monitors, integrated live chat, discussion threads, hangouts, email composer & sender, integrated automated time-sheets, attachments, and complete Google Drive sync ensures that everything and everyone remains always on track.

Could it be better?
Drutas enables a super-fast chrome extension to quickly capture and assign bugs, tasks, and feature requests with screenshots, attachments or files from Google Drive APIs, anything anytime. This is one of the innovative and performance improvement tools of Drutas. Check out Quick Capture by Drutas!

A super easy extension that captures screen objects (or anything), like windows and dialogs, from Gmail with a single click. That’s one-click grab of any screen! Check out Drutas - Gmail Extension!

And all this with the power of Google as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Cloud!

Great! Let’s try it!
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