Run Email Verification and Email Checker directly in Google Sheets™
Listing updated:August 4, 2023
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Email Verification & Email Checker add-on allows to verify your email list directly in Google Sheets™.

Email Verification & Email Checker Tool is a tool that helps you check the validity of email addresses. It can scan for errors such as typos, invalid domains, syntax issues, disposable ID's, and catch-all servers. This can be helpful in ensuring that you are communicating with the intended recipient.


Email deliverability is improved when email addresses are verified before being sent. This also protects the domain reputation and, as a result, increases the ROI of email marketing campaigns.


Our add-on allows you to create a template and then enter all the emails you want to check (whether it is valid or not - it allows you to have no bounces).

When the list is ready, you can submit it for processing. Then, our API will check all emails and provide the following information in adjacent columns: Result, Reason; SafeToSend, Accept All, Disposable Email Addresses, Role Based Email Addresses, User, Domain, Free Service Email, Did you mean, MX record, and MX domain.


Email Verification & Email Checker add-on works in simple steps:
1. Open the Google Sheets™							
2. Click on 'Extensions' in the 'Menu-Bar'						
3. Search for 'Easy Email Verification' and click on 'Open' to show a Side Bar
4. Side Bar will show 3 steps
   - Create a Template
   - Email list: Paste your contacts into the column labeled «Email»
   - Verify emails: click to start the verification
5. The verification happens in real-time and results get updated instantly 


Please check at for pricing


After successful email verification, a complete report explaining the status of each email will be generated. Check the details below:

- Email: The email address to be validated
- Result: If the result is valid, invalid or unknown. Then you can check the reason for more details.
- Reason: Check the associated reasons below
- SafeToSend: false - true if the email address is safe for deliverability
- Accept All: It is also called Catch-All email addresses. The domain for the email address will accept any username part before the @, therefore it cannot be validated
- Disposable Email Addresses: Email is a known disposable, which is a temporary email addresses for a short period of time, like a few hours to a few days. Such addresses are known as "Disposable Email Addresses".
- Role-based Email Addresses: Returns true or false depending on whether or not the requested email address is a role email address. (e.g. "", "")
- User: Returns the local part of the request email address. (e.g. "john" in "")
- Domain:Returns the domain of the requested email address. (e.g. "" in "")
- Free service email: It detects if the email address is registered with one of the popular free email services, e.g. Gmail™, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
- Did You Mean: Contains a did-you-mean suggestion in case a potential typo has been detected
- MX record: MX record is used to tell the world which mail servers accept incoming mail for a domain
- MX domain: A MX domain name, which is responsible for sending or receiving of emails, can tell a lot about the characteristics of an email account hosted on that domain.

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