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Email Google Sheets, charts and dashboards on a recurring schedule in PDF, CSV or Excel format. Send individual sheets, entire workbook or email a specific range of cells and charts.
Listing updated:August 3, 2022
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With Email Spreadsheets add-on for Google Sheets, you can schedule and automatically send spreadsheets as PDF, Excel (xlsx) or CSV files to your clients and customers. You can email the entire spreadsheet, dashboards, charts, specific sheets of the workbook, a fixed range inside any sheet (like A4:E25) or even a single cell (like B9).

If your work requires you to manually pull the same information from certain spreadsheets and email it to colleagues every day (or week or month or year), the Spreadsheet mailer add-on will do it all for you, automatically. It converts the Google Sheet and sends the exported file as an email attachment.

You can also embed one or more dynamic charts from Google Sheets into the email body and they'll be sent as inline PNG images.

The add-on is completely secure and private. No part of your spreadsheet data is read, shared or uploaded anywhere. And because it works in the Google Cloud, your scheduled spreadsheets reports will be delivered even if you are offline or on vacation.

The add-on is developed by Amit Agarwal, Google Developer Expert and Google Cloud Champion for Google Workspace.

👉🏻 Here are some use cases:

1. Email PDF reports for requirements to your vendors daily around 6 PM.
2. Submit expense reports to your boss on the last weekday of the month.
3. Send your weekly timesheets as CSV files automatically on Friday evening.
4. Email the executive summary dashboard on the first day of the month to the management.
5. Email the weekly sales report to your sales manager every Monday around noon.
6. Schedule and send clients reports in Excel format for AdWords, Search Console, CRM or Google Analytics for decision making.

The subject and the body of the email message can be customized to include dynamic cell values from one or more sheets using the A1 notation. For instance, if you wish to include the value of Cell A5 of Sheet 1 in the subject, add {{Sheet 1!A5}} into the subject line.

The exported PDF files can be further customised per report. You can show gridlines, change print margins to fit more content on one page, change paper size, show page numbers, show sheet names and more.

Dynamic cell values can be added in the TO, CC and BCC fields of the message as well. If you wish to specify multiple email recipients in the email field, remember to separate them with a comma. Google email quota limits apply and it is recommended that you keep the recipient count below 10 per email.

🚀 Here are some examples of specifying the print area using A1 notation:

1. {{Sheet1!A1:B2}} inserts the first two cells in the top two rows of Sheet1.
2. {{Sheet1!A:A}} refers to all the cells in the first column of Sheet1.
3. {{Sheet1!1:2}} refers to the all the cells in the first two rows of Sheet1.
4. {{Sheet1!A5:A}} refers to all the cells of the first column of Sheet 1, from row 5 onward.
5. {{Charts:Sheet1!2}} inserts the second charts on sheet named "Sheet 1" into the email body.

The Sheet Ranges are inserted inline into the email body and all the cell formatting, column widths, number formatting, colours and embedded images are retained. This option is useful if you wish to email a portion of the sheet with recipients without sharing the entire sheet.

The Sheet Name should always match the name as in your Google Spreadsheet. Also, always surround the sheet name and range with double curly braces.

You can use HTML tags to format your email body. For instance, use the <img> tag to include your company’s logo in the email. Or use the <a> tag to include hyperlinks (URLs). The h1 and h2 tags can be used for adding headings.

Email Spreadsheet is free for basic usage. You can email sheets and ranges to your email address manually.

The add-on comes with a 7-day unlimited use trial (no credit card is required).

✅ The following features are unlocked after you purchase a license.

1. Setup unlimited email reports for any spreadsheet.
2. Schedule daily, hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly reports on a recurring schedule.
3. Specify multiple recipients in the TO, CC or BCC fields.
4. No add-on branding is included in emails.
5. Complimentary tech support.
6. Merge all sheets in a single PDF file for exporting
7. Access to advanced options like show gridlines, page numbers, etc.
8. Export specific range of cells in the PDF file
9. Embed charts from Google Spreadsheets in the email body.
10. Use HTML tags like a, br, h1, etc. to format your email body.
11. Pull dynamic set of email addresses from cells for emailing.

Go to to upgrade to premium.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at
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