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Adds power tools to Gmail™ including Recurring Scheduler, Forwarder, Smart Auto-Responder, Draft Copier and Email Archiver.
Listing updated:November 29, 2021
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Email Studio is a Gmail toolbox that includes Draft Cloner for duplicating Gmail Drafts, Email Scheduler for sending emails later, Auto Responder for sending smart auto-replies and Email Forwarder for auto-forwarding emails to another address. Email Studio works inside the Gmail website and the Gmail App for Android. 

Important: Please visit to use the Email Studio addon

What features are included with Email Studio
1. Gmail Purger for automatically deleting redundant emails by time.
2. Send later for sending emails on a recurring schedule.
3. Forwarding for bulk forwarding old Gmail messages.
4. Auto-Responder for sending smart auto-replies.
5. Draft copier for cloning Gmail draft emails.
6. Email unsubscriber for removing yourself from unwanted mailing lists. 

Help: I can’t find Email Studio in my Gmail
After you install the Email Studio add-on, go to and sign-in with your Google account. If you are unable to login, make sure that you are not logged into multiple Gmail accounts.

Alternatively, you may open in Google Chrome's incognito mode and sign with any one Google account.

Who developed Email Studio for Gmail
Email Studio is developed by Amit Agarwal, Google Developer Expert and the developer behind Mail Merge with Attachments, Document Studio, Google Forms notifications and several other popular Google add-ons that have 1,000,000+ users.

How do I get Email Studio support
Tech Support:

How does Email Studio work
Email Studio is written with Google Apps Script. If you curious to know how it works, just grab the source code from Github.

Tell me more about Email Studio
Email Studio includes Email Scheduler so you can compose an email now and the add-on will automatically send it later at preferred date and time later. You can set up a one-time schedule for emails that need to be delivered once. You can also set up recurring schedules that will send the same email to the same recipients but multiple times on different dates.

Email Studio bundles Mail Merge to help you send personalized emails from your Gmail account. Just create a single draft, choose one or more Google Contacts and a separate email will go out to each of the recipients. You can even personalize your emails with the first and last name of the recipient.

Email Studio includes a forwarder to help you easily forward your emails to another email account. Gmail has a built-in forwarder too but it only works on new email and you can only forward emails to email accounts that are your own. Email Studio imposes no such restrictions and it just works.

With the Email AutoResponder, you can easily send rich text replies to emails and may even include attachments in your replies. Gmail has Canned Responses but with the Studio’s auto-responder, you can send replies to even existing messages. Just select a bunch of messages in your mailbox, select a response template and hit Send. It’s that simple!

We’ve included a draft copier inside Email Studio to help you quickly create or more identical copies of any existing draft in your Gmail mailbox. If you want to send similar emails to a bunch of people manually but without using CC or BCC, you’ll love the copier!

Email Studio includes a cleaner tool to help keep your mailbox clean and tidy. It is a purging tool to automatically delete emails that match certain criteria. For instance, I could set up a rule to automatically delete emails that contain “breaking news” in the subject and the message is older than 7 days.

You can even instruct Email Studio to permanently delete specific messages bypassing the trash.

You get an email unsubscriber to quickly remove yourself from unwanted newsletters and bulk emails. Just put the unwanted emails in a folder and Email Studio will try to unsubscribe you from the corresponding lists.

The Cleanup tool also lets you organize emails based on criteria that are missing in Gmail. For instance, you could have a rule to automatically archive all emails in the inbox that are older than 7 days. 

We can’t wait to see what you do with it.


Important: Please visit to use the Email Studio addon

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