MAJOR UPDATE! Speed up email replies, capture leads, automatically create follow-up tasks, extract and save key details from emails for future references.
Listing updated:August 18, 2023
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Say goodbye to the daily struggle with never-ending email demands!

Summarize Emails Into Key Points
Save time by condensing lengthy emails into key points, such as main topics, requests, decisions and more. Catch all essential info from the email messages, leaving no room for oversight.

Speed Up Email Replies
Time-Pressed? Let EmailWhiz provide relevant reply suggestions based on the context of the email. Reduce the stress of crafting responses from scratch. Respond faster, communicate better, and save time for more important tasks.

Create Follow-up Tasks Instantly
Create follow-up tasks based on the email content. EmailWhiz identifies relevant action items from the email message and suggests follow-up tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Stay organized, meet deadlines with ease, and achieve greater efficiency in your workflow.

Extract Contact Info from Email Messages
Don't let a lead slip away! Magically extract, parse, enrich and save contact information from email messages. EmailWhiz automatically extracts the name, title, organization, mailing address, phone number, fax, email address, and website from the email. Forget manual data entry. No more tedious parsing. Just easy collection of contact info. Supports contact data from 195 countries.

Save Key Details For Easy Reference
Extract and save key details from emails: names of people mentioned, key dates, decisions made or agreed upon, commitments offered or requested, action items or next steps, important numbers. Never lose track of important information again. No more digging through emails for that one piece of information.

EmailWhiz is powered by Google Vertex AI PaLM 
Google Vertex AI PaLM is a next generation large language model, grounded in Google’s approach to building and deploying AI responsibly. It was evaluated rigorously for its potential harms and biases, capabilities and downstream uses in research and in-product applications. It’s being used in other state-of-the-art models and is powering generative AI features and tools at Google, like Bard and the PaLM API.

How It Works:
1. Open an email in the Gmail account that has been subscribed to the add-on.
2. Click on the EmailWhiz icon located in the right sidebar to access the add-on.
3. The Email Key Points, Suggested Reply, and Follow-up Tasks fields will be automatically populated. You can use, edit or save the key points and the suggested reply for future references in your Google Sheets spreadsheet by clicking the Save button.
4. To extract contact information from the email message: 
— Copy the text containing contact information from the email body, and paste it into the input field located above the "Extract Contact Info" button.
— Click the "Extract Contact Info" button. The parsed contact components will appear in separate fields that can be edited.
— Click the "Save" button to add the new contact to your spreadsheet. 

Subscriptions Plans
You will begin with 5 free requests. Once the limit has been reached, click the "Subscribe" button and select a subscription plan.
We offer four monthly Subscription Plans:
— Basic: Up to 240 requests monthly for $5.99/month
— Standard: Up to 600 requests monthly for $11.99/month
— Growth: Up to 1,400 requests monthly for $24.99/month
— Enterprise: Up to 3,000 requests monthly for $49.99/month

A 'request' is an inquiry/demand for the app to perform a specific task. 
Please note: Summarizing emails, providing reply suggestions, and creating follow-up tasks are considered as a single task. There is no need for separate requests for each task individually. For all other tasks, users are required to make separate requests for each task individually. The app does not allow requesting all of them together.
Note: We use Stripe for all subscription payments. After subscribing, make sure to close Stripe’s Subscription pop-up window. Not closing it will result in your subscription not being updated.

Cancelation and Refund policy
- You can cancel your EmailWhiz subscription at any time. 
- If you choose to cancel, your subscription will not end immediately and you will continue to have access to the add-on until the current billing cycle ends. After the end of the current billing cycle, you won't be charged future subscription fees. 
- We do not offer refunds. Past subscription fees won't be refunded.

Disclaimer: The information generated by this app, including key points, responses, tasks, and other details derived from emails, including recognition and parsing of contact information, is provided for reference purposes only. Users are responsible for verifying and reviewing the generated information for accuracy and appropriateness before taking any action.

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Copyright© 2023 AITrailblazer, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Profile Picture
D B (Dvass)
March 15, 2023
Hold on to your hats, because this contact application is truly phenomenal! It snags all the essential details like a pro, including names, titles, phone numbers, and addresses, and magically injects them right into your contacts list, eliminating any tedious manual data entry. But wait, there's more! This app is not just limited to email contacts; it can store an array of contact information types, making it a true all-in-one solution. Get ready to be wowed by the ultimate contact app!
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Profile Picture
Maria Langgle
February 23, 2023
This contact app is great It grabs all the details you need, like name, title, phone, and address, and adds them straight to your contacts list. No more manually entering info. Plus, it's not just for emails. You can store all kinds of contact info.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Stephanie Winner
March 15, 2023
This has been really helpful to help me keep track of different contacts - it’s quick and efficient. It’s great not having to manually add information in for contacts any more- HUGE time saver
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Rhoda Christopher
February 12, 2023
I frequently receive contact information through emails. This app correctly parses all of the contact details and adds them to my contact list automatically. I am now able to add the person's name, title, phone number, and mailing address to my contact list. This app is for anyone who wants to save more than just email addresses. I have also tried capturing contact information from from the internet and the app performs very well in this scenario as well. It is great for expanding your contact list.
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