Parse and extract specifics from emails, like resume or invoice details, and backup your Gmail™ messages, including attachments, to a Google spreadsheet and Google Drive™.
Listing updated:May 3, 2024
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Export Emails to Sheets by cloudHQ is an indispensable add-on that will let you export your emails (or the information in the body of your emails) to Google Sheets™. 

Here's 4 generous tiers to get you what you need:

Tier 1: Free Plan 
Tier 2: Premium Backup Plan 
Tier 3: Premium Starter Plan 
Tier 4: Premium Plus Plan 
You can find our price list here:

As any online store vendor will tell you, it’s really important to stay on top of your sales confirmations before they get out of hand. If you wait too long to record your sales, it’s much harder to know what or when you need to deliver to your customers, and it becomes next to impossible to forecast your monthly cash flow. Both of these can have detrimental effects on your income.

Luckily, this app makes it simple. Tap any email in your Gmail™ app, and it’ll save in your sales spreadsheet where you can get to it whenever you’re in a more convenient headspace. This is an ideal solution for your:

✅ Shopify store
✅ Amazon Store
✅ Airbnb rentals
✅ Real estate listings
✅ Any projects you’re managing

Once you start using spreadsheets to manage your email sales confirmations, you'll quickly see how beneficial this can be for your business. 

Extracting specific information from your emails is called email parsing and we help you get that data out of Gmail™ and into Google Sheets™. You should think about exporting information like:

🧾 Reservation numbers
💵 Price
📅 Date
🛒 Leads
🏠 Real estate listings
🦸 Customer service logs

You can access this export by visiting the app's wizard which can be found here:, and is best used in a browser window on your laptop or desktop (not your mobile device).

This is 💫EXCELLENT💫 for any business because the data sitting in your Gmail™ messages can be a literal goldmine. Unfortunately, if you don't know how to extract that data to look at it in a more effective way, that gold can quickly become worthless. This app simplifies all of that tedious work, and automates email exports so that every new email that matches your filter criteria auto-populates into your Google Sheet™. It's like having a real-time report on whatever you need to keep track of, and best of all, it saves you a ton of time.

Key features of email parsing:
⭐ Real time export of all emails in your Gmail™ label, and any new emails coming in, to Google Sheets™.  
⭐ Powerful email parsing editor to define the exact information you want exported to Google Sheets™ (how to extract data from email message body).
⭐ Email messages can be exported to PDF and saved in Google Drive™.
⭐ Attachments (like invoices, receipts, etc.) saved as a PDF in Google Drive™.
⭐ Artificial Intelligence rules are used to detect what to export from your email body, like amount paid, order #, or other patterns it can detect, etc.
⭐ Export all email headers (including sub-headers).
⭐ Pre-built rules to export all contact information like: phone#, email addresses, url links from email body.
⭐ Google Workspace team support (control export of emails from admin console).

Here are some common ways that our customers use this app:

✅ Export order and shipping notifications. 
✅ Export email leads. 
✅ Email List Builder: Export all contact information from anyone that you've ever exchanged emails with. You can export that contact information from your entire inbox, or from a Gmail™ label.
✅ Parse emails to get a report of all bounced email addresses. 
✅ Share support issues coming in from customers with the rest of your support team.
✅ Backup (archive) your email messages.
✅ Export emails from foreign-language customers so that you can get them translated by a service.
✅ Export your expense reports or receipts into Google Sheets™.
✅ Export Google Alerts™ into your Google spreadsheet and keep tabs on whatever you're monitoring online (like your name or your competition).
✅ And finally, you can import your data from your emails into your database or CRM.

Try it today and stop wasting your precious time. We have apps to do these kinds of monotonous jobs! Our goal is to give you the tools to make the best strategic decisions once your data is presented in a way that can be more easily understood. And we know the info might be in Gmail™, but it's no way to make a good decision. Google Sheets™ will help you understand the bigger picture of whatever you need to keep track of.

cloudHQ. Helping your productivity, 1 click at a time.
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Profile Picture
Russell Maple
May 16, 2024
It works quite well, automatically extracting details such as invoice IDs and other data. I hope they will offer a similar product for Google Drive files.
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Profile Picture
Juna Larken
December 17, 2023
CloudHQ's feature to move emails from Gmail to Sheets is really helpful for our office. It sends emails to a spreadsheet, and then we put that data into our CRM. This saves us a lot of time!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Gabriel Rogers
August 18, 2023
Export Emails to Google Sheets is a lifesaver for those drowning in a sea of emails. It's like having a personal assistant who neatly organizes your emails into a Google Sheet. It's not just a simple export tool, it's a sophisticated email parser that can extract specific data from your emails. It's like having a superpower that can find bounced email addresses, manage email attachments, and even provide email analytics. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to turn their chaotic inbox into a well-organized spreadsheet. Plus, it's so easy to use, even a caveman could do it!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Fabiola Westley
May 9, 2024
What a game changing app!! I can see everything from everyone in my company, in an organized way.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Sam Craman
February 5, 2024
Very very useful tool for tax season! It get all your receipts and invoices into spreadsheet.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Daniel Johnson
December 10, 2023
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Patricia Aikens
April 27, 2023
cloudHQ's capacity to transfer emails from Gmail to Google Sheets has been a game-changer for our office operations. Our workflow involves manually updating a record with the contents of the emails we receive. The ingenious spreadsheet functionality automates this task by directing all emails to a designated Google Sheet. From there, we can easily import the data into our preferred system. This streamlined process has significantly improved our efficiency and saved us a considerable amount of time!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Rep. Jennifer Sanalitro
March 28, 2023
CloudHQ and the ability to send emails from gmail to sheets has been extremely helpful for office. Because of our process, someone has to update our CRM with the emails we receive. With the spreadsheet feature, it all gets sent to a google spreadsheet and we can then import that data into our CRM. Saves us so much time!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Niiez Wellbecksz (Yoohany Mallumsz)
July 24, 2023
thank you all for your great works.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
MGL Contests
February 5, 2022
The app literally does not work. I downloaded it successfully but when I click "start the wizard" it just cycles back to the start menu. I then click on the same choice again (Email list builder) and it brings me to "start the wizard" and then the cycle repeats. It happens with any choice I make from the main menu. Quite the disappointment!
Is this review helpful?
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