Mark on your existing reports to merge with data summary or data value from any Google sheets/docs/web data tables. No more restrictions on how you format your reports.
Listing updated:September 15, 2023
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This add-on automates your existing Google Sheet ™ reports to pull data from Google sheet/doc/web data tables which have data name on first row and data values below. You simply mark once on your reports where to get, filter, list, count, sum or copy from the data tables. Report runner will pull and track the update for you. You can also export the report without markers.

How to install?

Go to Google Marketplace to install. After Installation, your sheet menu Extensions will have this add-on . If not, please re-open your sheet.

How to use?

1. Open your data sheet. From this add-on menu, select Show spreadsheet ID and copy the ID to clipboard. For Google doc, copy the ID from URL. For web, copy the URL.
2. Open your report sheet. For report table, highlight the columns that you want this add-on to pull in data from your data sheet. For data cell, highlight the cell.
3. Open this add-on menu, select Open marker sidebar and pick the marker for list, label, count, sum, copy, or tag.
4. Enter the marker details.
5. To run your report, open this add-on menu and select Run report . A log sheet MRR Log will display the running status.
6. To export your report, open this add-on menu and select Export report. A copy without markers will be copied to your Google drive root directory (defaulted by Google).
7. To test a new marker, open this add-on menu and select Select markers for test run. On the displayed sheet MRR Log, tick the markers. Open this add-on menu and select Run report to test run.
8. To reset the data update tracking, open this add-on menu and select Reset data update tracking. The tracking notes will be reset to blank.

This add-on is free. Its use of data received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Your donation is appreciated to sustain and enhance it in Google Marketplace for your usage.

2023-06-01 support pulling date from web table.
2023-02-06 support pulling data from the nth table in Google Doc. 
2023-01-16 support pulling data from Google Doc.
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Wing Lee
March 22, 2023
We have multiple departments maintaining their bi-monthly rosters in Google sheet or Google doc. I am using it to pull names from the rosters for a given date into a single sheet which is easy to use and check.
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