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Automatically sync your contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences: Get your Email List from your CRM, DWH, etc. or UserIds from Google Analytics to Sheets and use it for targeting in Facebook Ads.
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The “Facebook Custom Audience Sync” (further FBsync) Addon for Google Sheets lets you synchronize your email contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences - in three simple steps. 

What is a Facebook Custom Audience?
With a FB Custom Audience you can create very specific target groups with users which already interacted with you like subscribed to your newsletter, sent you a contact form or made a purchase. Get more information in Facebook help:

STEP 1: Select the Facebook Ad Account in which you want to create the Custom Audience and in which you want to synchronize your contacts. 

STEP 2: Create the Custom Audience. For this you only need to give your Audience a name. The addon creates the Custom Audience in your Facebook Account for you. 

STEP 3: Choose the data source. The data source is an existing sheet and the column in which your contacts are stored like column A in Sheet 1.

IMPORTANT: You can only sync email addresses in plain text like or hashed with the SHA256 algorithm like 7650ee89b55969a7b987f50b62 - that’s a requirement from Facebook! 

That’s it. Save your audience sync, enable it. Your contacts now automatically synced to Facebook. 

IMPORTANT: It only takes a few hours for the data to be synced with Facebook - depending on the audience size: 1.000 email addresses go faster than 10.000 or 100.000. BUT Facebook needs at least 48 hours to correctly match them. That’s why the match rate can be disastrously low after 24 hours and extremely good after 48 hours. 

Please wait 48 hours to check your match rate and audience size!

The Addon checks every hour if new contacts are available or if contacts left the audience and syncs the update to Facebook. 

Use Cases:
#1: Sync your Google Analytics segments to FB Custom Audiences. You only need to track the SHA256-hashed email addresses of your users in Google Analytics. With the Google Analytics Sheets Addon (powered by Google) you can directly grab your data to Google Sheets. You can even create a schedule to refresh the data regularly. 

#2: Sync any data from your
advertising tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo
ecommerce tools like Shopify, Stripe
email tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp
sales tools like Hubspot, Salesforce
social media tools like Pinterest, Reddit
to Facebook Custom Audiences using Supermetrics to get your data in Google Sheets. 

Your advantages: 
No double tracking with the Facebook Pixel: Simply track them once in Google Analytics and automatically sync them to Facebook via the addon.
Target your relevant and known users and customers and increase your conversion rate. 
Create more relevant target audiences and target only those people you really want. 

The add-on is completely secure and private. No part of your spreadsheet data is read, shared or uploaded anywhere except your facebook ad account. And because it works in the Google Cloud, your custom audiences will be synced even if you are offline or on vacation.

If you have any questions or feedback, email to the developer at 
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