Insert files in Google Sheets™ , Google Docs™ and Google Slides™. Bulk OCR, extract text from images or PDF files and translate. List files from Google Drive™ folders or use ChatGPT AI for formulas.
Listing updated:June 6, 2024
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FileDrop is a productivity suite to manage files, extract text, translate and do more with AI. FileDrop works as a file manager in your Google Sheets™, Google Docs™ and Google Slides™ providing an easy access to your recent uploaded files or your entire Google  Drive™.

⚠️Important note! Until the issue with using a Google Add-on when signed in with multiple Google accounts is resolved, use this app with only one signed-in Google account. You can also use it in the private mode tab or a single Chrome profile.

✅  With FileDrop you can insert and attach files to your Google Sheets™ cells by simply dragging files in the sidebar or click it to browse your computer. It will automatically add the name of the file in cells and create the link to the file in your Google Drive™.

✅ You can upload in bulk or just one file, it supports any type of file, PDF, XLSX, DOCX, ZIP or images. The files are automatically saved to your Google Drive™ in the FileDrop folder. It keeps a file history so you can add files later on or you can even add files you already uploaded in your Google Drive™.

✅ Folder Tools
Copy Files and Folders: Effortlessly copy files and folders within your drive or shared drives, making data duplication and backup a breeze.

Duplicate folder structure: Ever wanted the same folder hierarchy but with different data? Duplicate any folder structure with a single click.

Create folders: add the folder names in a sheets and click create. In seconds your folders and subfolders will be created.

Folder Insights: Get a comprehensive report of your folders. See who has access to your files, and if needed, modify permissions seamlessly.

Bulk Sharing Capabilities: Share files en masse with other users. Whether you want to grant view-only access or full editing rights, do it in bulk and save time.

Find Duplicates: Add a folder ID and our tool will find all the duplicate files and wil be listed in your Google Sheet™. Click a button and you can delete the duplicate files automatically.

✅ Our ChatGPT AI integration can be used in all your documents without an OpenAI key, generate content in Google Docs™, create formulas in Google Sheets™ or automatically create Google Slides™. Other functions include: translation, content rewrite, content generation and much more.

✅ Translate Google Slides™ or Google Sheets™ in over 100 languages. You can select an element and translate only that or you can translate the entire document in seconds. We use the most powerful translation engine from Google giving you the most accurate translation. You can translate columns, cells or only a selected elements. You can also translate images or pdfs.

✅ Collaborate on files
With the new option to select the folder where the files are saved you can easily collaborate with your team or colleagues. Multiple users can add files to the same sheet and in the same folder, including shared drives.

✅ OCR Extract text from images or PDF files
With the OCR feature you can extract text from images or PDF files. Upload your files and convert the files to text. You can extract text from images or photos, jpg or png, pdf. It supports all languages of Google Translate™ even Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi or Korean.

✅ Now with Bulk OCR you can extract the text from multiple files you have in your Google Drive folder. 

- Extract tables from PDF
With our latest update you can import tables from PDF documents. Just upload your PDF and hover over the file, click the TXT icon in Google Sheets™ or Google Docs™. Once the process is finished you can import the data as tables in your files.

- List files from a Google Drive™ folder with 1 click
With this function you can just go to any folder in your Google Drive™ click the "Insert all files" button and FileDrop will list all the files you have there in your sheet.
You can now set the size of the images in the cell as well.

- File permission options to allow simple sharing of uploaded files. You can change that for every upload session. Default is Private.

- Add multiple links in the same cell. Just select the option from the settings tab and you can insert multiple links in your cells.


This simple add-on saves you time and makes adding files as easy as possible. 

The free version is limited to:
- drag and drop up to 4 files at once
- add files from PC only
- add up to 100 files per month
- 30 Free OCR Text Extraction
- max. 4MB files in size
- 1 click file re-insert
- export images from Google Docs™
- add stock photos to your documents from directly from the sidebar
- free Chat GPT integration - 5 credits each for Google Docs™, Google Sheets™, Google Slides™
- free Translate Pro for Google Sheets™, Google Slides™ - 5 credits

✅ Upgrade to the paid version and remove the limitations plus:
➤ Add up to 50 files at once
➤ File history - add the file again in different spreadsheet without re-uploading it
➤ List all files from Google Drive™ folders
➤ Add existing files from your Google Drive™ 
➤ Add files from and to Shared Google Drive™
➤ Settings to rename the folder where your files are saved or select any folder from Google Drive™ , including Shared Google Drive™
➤ Insert images over cells and in cells
➤ Search all history and Google Drive™ 
➤ List all all files in Google Drive™  folder with one click
➤ Backups for Google Docs™, Google Sheets™, Google Slides™
➤ Use Chat GPT without an Open AI api key in all documents

View pricing and features here

➤ Update
In the version:
- Find Duplicates in Google Drive™ folders
- Find Folder ID tool
Bug fixes:
- Folder Tools sidebar bugs fixed.

➤ Update
In the version:
- Camera modal: take photos with your webcam and save them in Google Drive and insert them in Google Sheets.
Bug fixes:
- Folder Tools sidebar bugs fixed.

➤ Update
In the version:
- Convert PDF files to XLSX, DOCX, PPTX
- Create folders in Drive from Sheets

➤ Update 1.9.8
In the 1.9.8 version:
- Save as PNG selection in Sheets
- Download images from website

Bug fixes:
- Docs AI fixes
- File Viewer button fix
- other small fixes
➤ Update 1.9.7
What’s new in the 1.9.7 version:
- Download Manager in Folder Tools
- Image Kit Sidebar
Bug fixes:
- Docs AI fixes
- OCR button
- other small fixes

➤ Update 1.9.6
What’s new in the 1.9.6 version:
- Extract Text and Preview buttons in the footer bar
- Open Save Folder link in Settings
- New Save Folder selection interface in Settings
- Folder Tools: Copy Files From Sheet
- Folder Tools: Folder Monitor
Bug fixes:
- save folder shared drives and folders
- Drive tab shared drives folders browsing
- AI and paid features access issue

➤ Update 1.9.4
In the 1.9.4 version we've added for Google Sheets™: 
- Bulk OCR in the Folder Tools: batch extract text from files in your Google Drive™ folders
- Preview button: files add to Google Sheets™ cell can now be previewed in a quick access modal
- OCR files that are added to a Google Sheet™ cell.

➤ Update 1.9.3
In the 1.9.3 version we've added the Tools Folder sidebar for Google Sheets™: 
- Copy files and folders
- Duplicate folder structure
- Generate a folder report to see who has access to your files and modify that
- Share files with other users in bulk with different options

➤ Update 1.9.2
In the 1.9 version we've added the following:
- ChatGPT as a sidebar in Google Sheets™, Google Slides™ and Google Docs™ free access with 5 credits for each version.
-  Translate Pro with 5 credits for each version, Google Sheets™ and Google Slides™

➤ Update 1.9.1
In the 1.9 version we've added the following:
- ChatGPT as a sidebar in Google Sheets™, Google Slides™ and Google Docs™ to all Business+ users
-  Add stock photos from directly from your sidebar for Google Docs™ and Google Slides™  - free for all users

➤ Update 1.9
In the 1.9 version we've added the following to the Google Sheets version:
ChatGPT as a function to all Business+ users
Backups for Business+ users
List and rename files from your Google Drive in Sheets - free

➤ Update 1.8.9
In this version:
- add multiple links in a cell
- export to pdf selected area
Bug fixes:
- pdf export fixed
- other small fixes

➤ Update 1.8.3
In this version we've added:
1. File permission options. You can change that for every upload session. Default is Private.
2. Insert all files option is connected with the image size setting. You can add bulk images with a set size in your cells.

Bug fixes:
- Image size is default 100x100 when adding images via Insert all files button and no settings are set.
- Upload permissions fix, please review your files permissions added with FileDrop to ensure they are aligned with your security settings.

➤ Update 1.8.1
-  new feature: the setting for image size now applies to bulk insert as well
- small fixes

➤ Update 1.8
-  FileDrop is now available for Google Slides™

➤ Update 1.7
- list all files from a Google Drive folder with one click
- OCR text translations update
- preview files option 
- small bug fixes in Google Docs™ version

➤ Update 1.6.1
- Extract tables from PDF OCR
- OCR text translation
- Settings are stored per document
- Add file from url

➤ Update 1.6
- Settings: Select the folder where to save your files
- Access shared drives
- Image to cell size setting
- Reinsert file with 1 click

➤ Update 1.53
- small fixes
- sort files by name, new/old, last viewed

➤ Update 1.52
- small fixes
- per user pricing added for domains
- search Google Drive™ and File History
- multi select with shift or ctrl keys

➤ Update 1.5
- Available for Google Docs™
- Convert images or PDF to text, OCR conversion

➤ Update 1.42
- small fixes
- monthly pricing added

➤ Update 1.41
We've added more features for free users: 
- add multiple files
- settings access
- insert images in cells
- copy link icon 
- fixed some bugs

For support and feature requests please email us at
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PricingFree of charge with paid features
Privacy policy
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FileDrop will need access to your Google account
This will allow FileDrop to :
See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
View and manage the Google Slides presentations that this application is installed in
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
Connect to an external service
Allow this application to run when you are not present
See your primary Google Account email address
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Profile Picture
John Johnstone
May 22, 2024
Until I found FileDrop, for me making linked evidential photograph inventories was a time consuming and laborious image by image process. I fully endorse Shane McElroy's comments. The one to one attention from Alex is very much appreciated. How rare is it to find someone developing and selling a product who has a genuine interest in the customer's needs, is prepared to listen and, as it seems to me, is prepared to work with suggestions. John Johnstone, Hokitika, New Zealand
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Shane McElroy
April 11, 2024
I was in desperate need of something like this and it is making my life so much easier. The customer service is next level! I don't know what hours they are keeping over there, but they responded to my emails at 11:00am, 11:00pm, and 3:00am +/-. Not only do they respond, but it is with a very detailed answer, instructions, links to diagrams and images, and alternate options as well. I could not be happier with a company than I am with this one right now. I know I probably sound like an uncle who is trying to help a family member, but I swear, I have never heard of this company till last week. I do contents inventory for attorneys and am switching from Excel to Google Sheets. I wanted to upload 1000's of images into each form and could not do it, until I found this product. Additionally, I needed FileDrop to do something I was not confident it could do. To be honest, I knew it was more of a Google Sheets need than a FileDrop need, but they provided detailed instructions anyway. With FireDrop allowing me to upload thousands of images at once, the way the photos work in my Sheet, and the help they provided with Sheets in regard to my unique request, I am totally satisfied. I could keep going, but I just realized how long this review is. If anyone from FileDrop reads this, I want to say Thank You for being so amazing! Your Favorite Customer, Shane McElroy
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Dani Strohmier
March 6, 2024
I needed a time-sensitive quick fix software for OCR Text Recognition. This service was recommended in another application that I tried, so I decided to try it out. The free version does not do any OCR recognition, so I decided to go ahead and purchase a subscription. $5.80/month sounds great, but they make you pay for it all upfront, so it was $70. I very quickly paid for as I said, I had a time sensitive issue. I went to extract the text from the ONE document I needed it for, and I got an error. I restarted, still had the error. To be safe, I restarted my whole computer, I still had an error. Did some digging and apparently it can take 24 hours for the subscription to register. I did not have that kind of time, so I found another software (MoneyThumb) and was able to use it immediately. I requested a refund as I cannot use their product. I received a tremendously snarky response that said "We don't do refunds. We have that written in about 3 places on the website including the pricing page." I guess silly me for thinking a product would work immediately and needing it so quickly that I didn't read anything about a return policy. TLDR; Don't pay for it, the free version is about as good as you'll get.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
January 4, 2024
Love this program! It was incredibly easy to use and the creator was very attentive and quick to respond to any questions I had. He went above and beyond with Zoom demonstrations and added functionality within 24 hours to suit my needs. I look forward to using FileDrop for multiple future projects to streamline and organize my business!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Gabrielle Frake
November 17, 2023
This makes it phenomenally easy for my team and I to keep docs and data all in one place. Rather than trying to copy + paste documents into Google Sheets or Forms, etc. I can keep them exactly as is and my teams can access them without searching through mountains of emails. I can also add notes and keep updating data around it while the document stays in place. This has been a game changer and it makes my life and my team's work so much easier.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jenn Horwitz
November 20, 2023
As a People operations associate on an HR team, this extension has been a lifesaver when it comes to having to implement new software systems for my organization. For example- in a new system, have you ever been asked to rename HUNDREDS of files so that your new software company can upload them via mapping? This tool helped me save a ton of time when we recently needed to upload historical reviews into a new performance system. Instead of manually having to re-name files, I could export them into google sheet, do some x-look up magic, and rename them within minutes. This has been such a game changer, can't sing enough positive praises!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Brian Fernandes
February 8, 2024
Amazing Tool! Very Efficient and user friendly
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Danish Mithani
November 17, 2023
Most beautiful way to drop files in any google related docs. and PDF.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Mark Kydios Rosales
September 26, 2023
This thing is great and makes my work easier. But why does it only shows Help not start filedrop. Initially it works but it seems to not work now. Idk if theres a maintenance or something but it doesnt work.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Mesharey Alhamidan
November 27, 2023
Very helpful with uploading files to google sheets, I highly recommend.
Is this review helpful?
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