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Insert files in Google Sheets™ cells, Google Docs™ and Google Slides™. OCR extract text from images, PDF tables. List files in Google Sheets™ from any Google Drive™ folder and use Chat GPT.
Listing updated:May 25, 2023
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FileDrop works as a file manager in your Google Sheets™, Google Docs™ and Google Slides™ providing an easy access to your recent uploaded files or your entire Google  Drive™.

✅  With FileDrop you can insert and attach files to your Google Sheets™ cells by simply dragging files in the sidebar or click it to browse your computer. It will automatically add the name of the file in cells and create the link to the file in your Google Drive™.

✅ You can upload in bulk or just one file, it supports any type of file, PDF, XLSX, DOCX, ZIP or images. The files are automatically saved to your Google Drive™ in the FileDrop folder. It keeps a file history so you can add files later on or you can even add files you already uploaded in your Google Drive™.

✅ Collaborate on files
With the new option to select the folder where the files are saved you can easily collaborate with your team or colleagues. Multiple users can add files to the same sheet and in the same folder, including shared drives.

✅ Extract text from images or PDF
With the OCR feature you can extract words from images or PDF files. Upload your files and convert the files to text. You can extract text from images/photos, jpg or png, pdf. It supports all languages of Google Translate™ even Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi or Korean.

✅ Extract tables from PDF
With our latest update you can import tables from PDF documents. Just upload your PDF and hover over the file, click the TXT icon in Google Sheets™ or Google Docs™. Once the process is finished you can import the data as tables in your files.

✅ List files from a Google Drive™ folder with 1 click
With this function you can just go to any folder in your Google Drive™ click the "Insert all files" button and FileDrop will list all the files you have there in your sheet.
You can now set the size of the images in the cell as well.

✅ File permission options to allow simple sharing of uploaded files. You can change that for every upload session. Default is Private.

✅ Add multiple links in the same cell. Just select the option from the settings tab and you can insert multiple links in your cells.


This simple add-on saves you time and makes adding files as easy as possible. 

The free version is limited to:
- drag and drop up to 4 files at once
- add files from PC only
- 100 files per month
- up to 4MB files in size
- 1click file re-insert

✅ Upgrade to the paid version and remove the limitations plus:
➤ Add 100 files at once
➤ File history - add the file again in different spreadsheet without re-uploading it
➤ Add existing files from your Google Drive™ 
➤ Add files from and to Shared Google Drive™
➤ Settings to rename the folder where your files are saved or select any folder from Google Drive™ , including Shared Google Drive™
➤ Insert images over cells and in cells
➤ Search all history and Google Drive™ 
➤ List all all files in Google Drive™  folder with one click
➤Backups for Google Sheets
➤Use Chat GPT in your Google Sheets

View pricing and features here

➤ Update 1.9
In the 1.9 version we've added the following to the Google Sheets version:
ChatGPT as a function to all Business+ users
Backups for Business+ users
List and rename files from your Google Drive in Sheets - free

➤ Update 1.8.9
In this version:
- add multiple links in a cell
- export to pdf selected area
Bug fixes:
- pdf export fixed
- other small fixes

➤ Update 1.8.3
In this version we've added:
1. File permission options. You can change that for every upload session. Default is Private.
2. Insert all files option is connected with the image size setting. You can add bulk images with a set size in your cells.

Bug fixes:
- Image size is default 100x100 when adding images via Insert all files button and no settings are set.
- Upload permissions fix, please review your files permissions added with FileDrop to ensure they are aligned with your security settings.

➤ Update 1.8.1
-  new feature: the setting for image size now applies to bulk insert as well
- small fixes

➤ Update 1.8
-  FileDrop is now available for Google Slides™

➤ Update 1.7
- list all files from a Google Drive folder with one click
- OCR text translations update
- preview files option 
- small bug fixes in Google Docs™ version

➤ Update 1.6.1
- Extract tables from PDF OCR
- OCR text translation
- Settings are stored per document
- Add file from url

➤ Update 1.6
- Settings: Select the folder where to save your files
- Access shared drives
- Image to cell size setting
- Reinsert file with 1 click

➤ Update 1.53
- small fixes
- sort files by name, new/old, last viewed

➤ Update 1.52
- small fixes
- per user pricing added for domains
- search Google Drive™ and File History
- multi select with shift or ctrl keys

➤ Update 1.5
- Available for Google Docs™
- Convert images or PDF to text, OCR conversion

➤ Update 1.42
- small fixes
- monthly pricing added

➤ Update 1.41
We've added more features for free users: 
- add multiple files
- settings access
- insert images in cells
- copy link icon 
- fixed some bugs

For support and feature requests please email us at
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PricingFree of charge with paid features
Privacy policy
Terms of service
FileDrop will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
FileDrop will need access to your Google account
This will allow FileDrop to :
See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
View and manage the Google Slides presentations that this application is installed in
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
Connect to an external service
See your primary Google Account email address
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Paulina Huschenbett
February 14, 2023
Excellent customer support, very reactive. Shout out to Alex for being a bro!
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Aya Salaheldin
September 30, 2022
I am having an issue with the subscription. I went through with the payment and the money was deducted already, but I still cannot access premium features. I tried to get help and check the settings but it kept redirecting me to another page that says Error. Please how can I fix this or how can I get a refund if you cannot fix this issue!!
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Calc Haine
October 24, 2022
Easy to use versus other solutions and it does what I need, inserting files in google sheets cells.
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Topik Budiantoro
February 16, 2023
the best
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Gustavo Draghi
September 9, 2022
Filedrop is awesome! I'm using it to upload a lot of Storyboard frames in a spreadsheet. This app greatly reduces the time to do that. I had some questions about the features of the app and the team responded very attentively and professionally. I love it. Thank you!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
ana maria dumitru
April 28, 2022
I used Filedrop for my marketing PDF reports I had to attach weekly in Sheets, it's 10x quicker to add files than adding them from Google Drive, copy and so on. Might upgrade if I need to do this every day with multiple files.
Is this review helpful?
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