Make live Fillable Forms from your Google Docs™, Slides™ and Sheets™
Listing updated:November 28, 2023
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“Fillable Document” add-on opens Google Docs™, Slides™ and Sheets™ as LIVE FILLABLE FORM with the ability to store data into Google Sheets™, generate merged documents as Google Docs™, Slides™ & PDFs, and deliver templated email notifications. Also, Fillable Document can publish the Google Docs™, Slides™ and Sheets™ as fillable form on the Internet. You can get the published form’s link or embed code to share with your users or embed into your website.

Fillable Document works as an add-on on Google Docs™, Google Slides™, Google Sheets™ and Google Forms™. 

This add-on makes template processing and mail merging easy with visual processing. It comes very handy when you work with templated documents or presentations or spreadsheets on a day-to-day basis.

Any Google Drive™ document or slide or sheet can act as a template. The dynamic fields are marked with ${field name} style in the document or can be created in the sidebar and inserted into the document. Fillable Document’s powerful template engine presents the fields visually, generates merged documents, presentations, spreadsheets & PDFs with a click of  a button and delivers through email or into Google Drive™ folder.

Along with generating personalized, beautiful documents, presentations and PDF, the data filled in the Google document can be stored into a spreadsheet destination.

You can collaborate building Fillable Document with other users as well as publish the document as fillable form for your end users to fill data.


►  Make any Google Drive™ document or slide or sheet  as LIVE FILLABLE FORM

►  Present impressive form with rich set of Field Types and advanced CSS customizations

►  Generate QR Code, preview in the form and stamp in the document & PDF

►  Collaborate with other people to build the Fillable Document

►  Present Fillable Form as web app  or sidebar form

►  Store submitted data into Google Sheets™ 

►  Comprehensive “Form Responses Management” in web app 

►  Generate Document as Google Docs™, Slides™, Sheets™ & PDF in to a custom folder

►  Deliver the generated document through templated Email

►  Publish the form to end users 


Few of the use uses for Fillable Document are listed below:

►  Generate custom proposal documents, contracts and agreements

►  Generate quotes, estimates and invoices

►  Generate letters, offers and envelopes

►  Prepare personalized invitations

►  Prepare certificates, assessment results and report cards

►  Publish newsletters and magazines

►  Send personalized brochure

►  Publish form for field information collection

►  Publish form for customer and order acquisition.

►  and many more...

"Fillable Document" is built with a lot of love by our expert team to provide the best possible user experience (UX) for the advanced document processing engine. New features, enhancements and fixes will be released periodically to make this experience better over time.
Basic features of "Fillable Document" with limited quota is FREE
Advanced features and enhanced quota are available under paid subscriptions.


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