Study anything w/ flashcards. Create printable flashcards with Google Sheets™+Docs™. Perfect for students + teachers. Spaced repetition & reverse study modes available.
Listing updated:June 12, 2024
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The Flashcard Lab Google Sheets™ add-on is an app that helps you study anything from graduate entrance exams to new languages using randomized, customizable virtual flashcards. You can use Flashcard Lab to study for anything from the GREs, SATs, MCATs, GMATs, to new languages like Spanish and Korean.

Also, you can create printable flashcards using lists in Google Sheets™ directly to your Google Drive™ docs. This is perfect for teachers that need customized flashcards for their students.

🧪Core Features: 
    ✔️Study with randomized virtual flashcard testing
    ✔️Spaced repetition study mode
    ✔️Create unlimited printable flashcards from Google Sheets™/Docs™
    ✔️Add images to flashcards for testing or to print out
    ✔️Create and add your own custom lists and headers
    ✔️Custom background and font colors with virtual cards
    ✔️Audio pronunciation with various language support
    ✔️Add synonyms and mnemonics to help memorization with hyperlinks
    ✔️Add words to a "Forgotten Words" list for re-testing
    ✔️Reverse flashcards (Answer/Prompt)
    ✔️Access to the mobile app

Free Google Play mobile app: 
Android -

Free Apple App Store mobile app:
iOS -

Free Chrome Extension:

We understand there are some questions regarding the permissions needed to use our add-on. To help address these concerns, we outlined exactly why each permission is needed. We aim to be as transparent as possible hoping to inform you that we have absolutely no intent of using the access you grant maliciously. Follow the link below to read on:

Use of the Flashcard Lab add-on is completely free but premium features like adding unlimited images and printing unlimited cards require a payment. Click on the "Upgrade to Premium" dropdown option to check the pricing of the add-on. 

For non-profit organizations and teachers: discount offered for bulk purchases. Email for more information.

📘 Change log:
6/12/2024: Fix image uploading function in card editor
5/12/2024: Hyperlink support for synonyms/subtext and mnemonics/hints, custom background colors and font colors/sizes for virtual cards, minor bug fixes
3/22/2024: Minor UIUX improvements
3/7/2024: Fix contact form
11/9/2023: Update with link to iOS mobile app
10/17/2023: Fix generating printable cards (
10/2/2023: Allow toggling ordered/randomized review
9/12/2023: Improve server response robustness
8/22/2023: Improve error display
7/26/2023: Added more text capability on front of card
7/11/2023: Added more text capability on back of card
7/7/2023: Update confirmation message
6/1/2023: Add ability to reverse flashcards (answer/prompt) when reviewing
5/31/2023: Add audio pronunciation capability
5/28/2023: Improve card back display when printed
5/11/2023: Fix synonym display in back of card.
4/21/2023: Update shortcut keys.
4/18/2023: Introduce spaced repetition study mode.
3/31/2023: Improve flashcard review flow and minor UI updates.
3/21/2023: Improve UI.
3/12/2023: Remove beta feature
3/7/2023: Update error logging
2/23/2023: Fix minor layout bugs
2/21/2023: Initial implementation for creating flashcards using automation
2/3/2023: Fix sheet names not found
2/2/2023: Enable arrow keys for navigating testing
1/30/2023: Update how-to guide
1/29/2023: Handle permissions bug
1/25/2023: Fix date format bug in flashcard data
12/19/2022: Implement ability to add images to the "front" of flashcards/
12/14/2022: Update to freemium, minor UI updates.
12/7/2022: Improve printable flashcards formatting to utilize more space, fix bugs, handle header customization better. 
10/17/2022: Implement customizable headers
9/4/2022: Update code.
7/27/2022: Increased max word length for physical flashcards.
7/13/2022: Updated permissions needed.
7/5/2022: Add feedback portal.
6/24/2022: Fix tutorial display bug for lower resolutions.
6/22/2022: Initial publish
Additional information
PricingFree of charge with paid features
Privacy policy
Terms of service
Flashcard Lab will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Flashcard Lab will need access to your Google account
This will allow Flashcard Lab to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Docs documents
View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
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Anton D
April 12, 2024
I am dissatisfied with the Flashcard Lab app. After upgrading to the Pro Unlimited version, I found little difference from the basic version, other than a final congratulatory message. The app restricts adding more than four words per tab in a spreadsheet, failing to recognize a fifth word—an unreasonable limitation for an app designed to handle extensive vocabulary lists. Despite its reasonable price of $10.99 for the Pro version, I regret my purchase. It's disappointing that such a subpar product is available on the Google extensions platform, which typically maintains my trust. Additionally, the customer support was somewhat unhelpful, merely pointing out that only four headers or labels are allowed and redirecting me to a YouTube tutorial. I do not recommend this app if you require flexibility and extensive functionality.
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Profile Picture
Amber Cross
March 13, 2024
I only installed this extension yesterday to assist with studying for an exam. It's pretty straightforward to use and enables you to add cards to the forgotten list. It's helping me with my studies and for a one- off small charge I'm happy with the extension.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
blue dev
May 20, 2024
Very easy to use compared to overwhelming apps like Anki yet has enough functions for studying effectively. Purchased and would definitely reccomend this app! 5/5
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Wilde Jean
December 6, 2023
I would like to disclose that I am 20 which makes me a target demographic for a lot of these software companies creating note-taking apps, trying to sell success, and over-emphasizing the contribution the tool has on your results. I was a former Remnotes user and left due to not wanting a subscription or payment and not wanting to pay for the lifetime membership. It served me well but was much more than a flash card lab which you can look at as a pro or a con. Which led me to Flashcard lab. The reality is that flashcards can only hold pieces of information not concepts, and notes are only high-yield if you can rewrite the concepts in ways that relate to your current frame of reference before the memory consolidates. Flashcard Lab is an excellent app. It maintains the benefits of the traditional method of flashcards while enhancing it with sheets, which opens the doors for integrating and adding sheets. Addons like Talarian GPT for sheets, supercharge your sheets with ai allowing you to automate aspects of flashcard creation, which can be a double-edged sword since you are spending less time making flashcards and more time reviewing but you lose the learning opportunity from creating flashcards. This is where I kind of missed remotes since I would write notes while exposing myself to new content. Where this add-on shines is in its simplicity and ability to create printable flashcards. The app is simple which allows you to do more learning of the coursework than the software in the room. There has not been much to talk about us since. If you're familiar with sheets you know. The app is amazing I love how it integrates with Drive. Would be cool if you could play flashcards like quizlit so you can listen while working out. This is free in comparison to using remote and key mapping software. I also wish that the printing was more paper-friendly. Also, the flashcards end up being useless fresh out of the press, since there is no form of order in which the flashcards are placed. It is essentially useless. There needs to be a Question answer mirror/alignment. So the answer could be in the same row and column in the Google doc. This would also allow you to print double-sided and save paper and cut it out so it looks like an actual flash card. Especially if you use an Epson printer and use a printing paper with gsm around 250gsm or higher than the average paper thickness. Edit: You have to play around with the settings to get the results you want. Switch to "manual"
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Profile Picture
Amah C
January 19, 2024
I can’t remember if I left a review already,, but I've been using this for a minute, mainly for those classic flashcards. It's clutch for me since I'm always on my computer for studying. I love typing my notes.. Helps me nail down those tough concepts and the general understanding of my subjects. Flashcards aren't my main study method, but this one's a solid backup. And props to the team—they're on it with quick responses. Love the fact that it’s now on ios. Thanks team
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Michelle M Dee
June 17, 2024
Love it. Super simple and the support is amazing!
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Profile Picture
Robie McCoo
April 9, 2024
It works to make flash cards. No control over formatting of cards or text but it makes flashcards fine and there are very few app options for this. Also, amazing customer support. I emailed once about an issue, not expecting a reply, and I received very quick and helpful response.
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Profile Picture
xavier wong
April 13, 2024
Great app! Purchased the unlimited version and had an issue that the developer supported right away. Would recommend.
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Peter Dowling
February 6, 2024
Very deceptive. It is listed as free. You can do practically nothing with this as a free app as you are limited to reviewing 10 cards per set until you pay. This should not be listed as a free app - that is an abuse of the word "free". Uninstalled in 10 minutes.
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Profile Picture
Alan House
April 5, 2023
Sometimes a simple app is exactly what you want and need. “Flashcard Lab” is exactly that. It makes creating and reviewing flashcards a breeze. I love the fact that it makes use of all the features in google sheets, allowing me to modify existing flashcard, create new cards and study anywhere. Today I had a question and reached out to the developer via email. I hit send, and wandered over to refill my coffee cup. I had an answer before I returned to my computer. Just unbelievable! I would have been happy with an answer in under 24 hours. Continued developer involvement in a product is a sure fire sign that the produce will continue to evolve and improve. Keep up the great work. Alan
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