Compute CO2 emissions of flights to understand your climate impact.
Listing updated:September 28, 2023
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An add-on for Google Sheets to compute flight emissions.

Be sure to enable the Add-on in every new spreadsheet by going to Extensions > Flight emissions for Google Sheets > Enable the Add-on in this spreadsheet.

You can then compute the emissions of specific flights with the FLIGHT_EMISSIONS function.

- origin: IATA airport code for flight origin, e.g. 'ZRH'. Can be a range of cells.
- destination: IATA airport code for flight destination, e.g. 'BOS'. Can be a range of cells.
- operating_carrier_code: IATA carrier code, e.g. 'LX'. Can be a range of cells.
- flight_number: Flight number, e.g. 54. Can be a range of cells.
- departure_date: Date of the flight in the time zone of the origin airport. Must be a date in the present or future, e.g. DATE(2024, 7, 1) or DATE(2024; 7; 1). Can be a range of cells.
- passenger_class: The class of the seat (economy, premiumEconomy, first, business) or the IATA/SSIM cabin code (Y=economy, W=premiumEconomy, F=first, C=business, ...). Can be a range of cells.

- Emissions for one passenger in kilograms of CO2, or error message.

Full example:
=FLIGHT_EMISSIONS("ZRH", "BOS", "LX", 54, DATE(2024, 7, 1), "economy")
=FLIGHT_EMISSIONS("ZRH"; "BOS"; "LX"; 54; DATE(2024; 7; 1); "economy")

You can also use it with cell ranges. If you have origin airports in column A, destination airports in column B etc:

=FLIGHT_EMISSIONS(A1:A2, B1:B2, C1:C2, D1:D2, E1:E2, F1:F2)
=FLIGHT_EMISSIONS(A1:A2; B1:B2; C1:C2; D1:D2; E1:E2; F1:F2)

Warning: only future flights can be computed!
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Warren Halderman
May 20, 2024
Let's generate some CO2 and compute how much CO2 you'll be using on a given flight. Brilliant.
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Flying Saucer
May 14, 2024
Interesting one, haha.
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