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Bulk actions in Google Drive. Copy, transfer, inspect, rename folders (with subfolders & files). Ease the move to Shared Drives.
Listing updated:March 24, 2023
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✔️ Works with folders containing more than 400k files. ✔️Scan any folder, get the full list of files & subfolders, with owners, creation date, size & much more. ✔️ Inspect permissions, easily secure any folder. ✔️ Move folders to Shared Drives, including files owned by external users. ✔️Transfer or request ownership. ✔️ Copy very big folders, replicate permissions.
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✅ Scan any folder and get the list of all files & folders along with tons of additional information: owners, creation date, file types,... Report available in Google Sheets with dashboards, charts & pivot tables generated automatically.
✅ Access Governance / scan permissions: get the list of editors, commenters & viewers for all files. See where new permissions have been added or removed. Get a list of all people & domains with access. See what content is available to any given user.
✅ Duplicate / Clone a folder structure: make a copy of an entire folder, with or without copying the files inside. Possibility to replicate files permissions on the copy.
✅ Transfer / Request ownership: assign ownership of a folder, its subfolders and files in one click. Or select a folder and request full ownership (an email will be sent to all file owners for approval).
✅ Bulk rename files (search & replace, insert before/after, rename full title)
✅ Move folders to Shared Drives (including files owned by external people).

Folgo is the perfect assistant to help you move content to Shared Drives.
You can inspect any folder and Folgo will alert if any permission could cause an issue when moved to Shared Drive. In Shared Drives, permissions are strictly expansive: eg. you cannot remove access to specific files if someone has access to the parent folder. If the folder you want to move has such permissions, Folgo will raise an alert before the move.
Folgo can also give you the list of all file owners in any given folder, the number of files and number of nested levels, all important things to know before attempting a move to a Shared Drive.

Folgo is the only tool letting you take ownership of files created by external users. When moving a folder to Shared Drive, Folgo will list all files owned by external people and send an email request to each owner. If all owners agree to the move, Folgo can move all files to any given Shared Drive.
This is super useful if content was created by users or users from other Google Workspace domains.

Folgo can scan any folder and even entire Shared Drives, list all content and all permissions. Folgo indicates every time an access changes between a parent folder and its children (eg: if a new access was given or removed or if a specific user has more permissions, like ability to edit a file while he only had viewer access on the parent folder).
The various reports also let you see all people, groups and domains with access to content. You can select any user to view all files and folders he has access to.
Folgo can be especially helpful and handy when someone leaves an organization, to transfer / reassign specific folders to other people in your organization.
If you stop working with external contractors, Folgo can also be used to remove any unwanted access.

Why use Folgo over other folder management tools such as Transfer ownership, Delego or Copy folder?
Folgo is the only tool that lets you perform operations directly from Google Drive, without having to open another tab in your web browser. While using Folgo, you can work directly from your Google Drive window. Folgo also supports folders of any size.

*** Is Folgo safe to use? ***
➤ Folgo is part of the next generation of add-ons for Google Drive, using the latest and most secure Apps Script technologies.
➤ The add-on has successfully passed the thorough security review from Google. Therefore, Folgo has been approved for publishing and presents no harm to our users.
➤ Your data is 100% safe as we do not transfer or sell any personal data. We never save the content of your files.
➤ We only store the minimum information that is absolutely necessary to perform the service you are requesting from our app. We are using Firebase to store those data, a serverless database provided by Google. Firebase database is stored and secured on Google Cloud. Data is also encrypted in transit and at rest. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details:
➤ Specific teams like the Development and the Support teams do have access to the database or part of the database, and they all signed and committed to our Information Security Policy, our Incident Response Policy, our Ethics Policy. Those policies are available upon request. Please send an email to and we’ll send you a copy of those policies.

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Folgo was created by Romain Vialard, Pierre Leroy, Scriptit. 
Romain is also the creator of Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), Awesome Table & Form Publisher. He created Awesome Gapps, the company maintaining those products, but he is not involved in it anymore.
Romain is a member of the Google Developer Expert (GDE) program and has been working on Google Apps Script and Google APIs for more than 10 years.
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