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Bulk actions in Google Drive. Copy, transfer, inspect, rename folders (with subfolders & files).
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➤   Enjoy Folgo for free for 2 days!
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➤  Can copy / inspect folder trees with 100K+ files (⚠️ it can take several hours) 

✅ Duplicate / Clone a folder structure: make a copy of an entire folder hierarchy, with or without copying the files inside. Possibility to keep files permissions on clone folder.
✅ Transfer ownership: assign ownership of a folder, its subfolders and files in one click (files you don’t own won’t be transferred - includes a report with status for each file)
✅ List files, inspect folders: generate in a spreadsheet a detailed list of the files inside a folder structure, with statistics & charts
✅ Click on the option to also list all files permissions (edit, comment, view) 
✅ Bulk rename files (search&replace, insert before/after, rename full title)
To easily start cloning your folder structure, follow these simple steps:
Select the root folder of the structure you want to duplicate
Select the destination folder, or choose to copy directly in your Drive
Launch Folgo, and that’s it! The add-on will automatically copy all your folders in the selected target folder.
Use Folgo to transfer ownership of a Google Drive folder, with all its subfolders and contents all at once! Google Drive only allows you to transfer ownership of folders and files one by one. With Folgo, you can assign the ownership of the nested folders/documents in one click.
Folgo allows you to investigate into your folder structure and create a Sheets file as an audit report. Sheet columns contain metadata of the files like: titles, ids, urls, types, locations, paths, owners, editors, commenters, viewers, shared outsides, creation dates, last modifying dates, last update dates.
*** Folgo’s key features ***
➤ Folder structure copy/clone: Automatically duplicate a folder and all the subfolders, with or without the files inside
➤ Select an existing destination folder or choose to copy directly in your Drive
➤ Copy the root folder and rename it 
➤ Decide to keep permissions on clone folder
➤ Transfer ownership: select the parent folder and the email address of the new owner, and the ownership of all the subfolders will be transferred in once
➤ Choose to transfer ownership of folders only, files only or both
➤ List files in a folder structure: generate a Google Sheets report about the content of a folder structure, in a new or in an existing file
➤ Decide wether or not to list all files permissions
➤ Select one or multiple files/folders to be renamed, choose the option to rename all subfolders and files.
*** Folgo’s use cases ***
Folgo can be especially helpful and handy when someone leaves an organization, for making a new copy of shared information or for transferring folders ownership quickly.

*** Why use Folgo? ***
Folgo is the first app from the latest generation of add-ons that offers you both copying folder structure and transferring ownership features in one tool. There's NO LIMIT on the number of files copied or transferred (except the technical limitations from the Google Apps Script API which are enough even for heavy users).
Folgo has been created by Google Developer Experts, which means that it is regularly maintained and updated to provide you the best experience possible. In case there are any issues, we’ll do our best to fix them in a timely manner.
We are also open to any new suggestions for improvements - if you want to submit a request, it’s as easy as that! Simply send us an email at and we will shortly come back to you.

Why use Folgo over other folder management tools such as Transfer ownership, Delego or Copy folder?
Folgo is the only tool that lets you manage your folder copies/back-ups and ownership transfer in bulk without having to open another tab. While using Folgo, you can work directly from your Google Drive window.

*** Is Folgo safe to use? ***
➤ Folgo is part of the next generation of add-ons for Google Sheets, using the latest and most secure Apps Script technologies.
➤ The add-on has successfully passed the thorough security review from Google. Therefore, Folgo has been approved for publishing and presents no harm to our users.
➤ Your data is 100% safe as we do not transfer or sell any personal data. We never save the content of your template, generated documents, Google Sheets and Google Forms’ data.
➤ We only store the minimum information that is absolutely necessary to perform the service you are requesting from our app. We are using Firebase to store those data, a serverless database provided by Google. Firebase database is stored and secured on Google Cloud, and it is ISO and SOC compliant. Data is also encrypted in transit and at rest. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details:
➤ Specific teams like the Development and the Support teams do have access to the database or part of the database, and they all signed and committed to our Information Security Policy, our Incident Response Policy, our Ethics Policy. Those policies are available upon request. Please send an email to and we’ll send you a copy of those policies.


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Folgo was created by Romain Vialard, Pierre Leroy, Scriptit. 
Romain is also the creator of Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), Awesome Table & Form Publisher. He created Awesome Gapps, the company maintaining those products, but he is not involved in it anymore.
Romain is a member of the Google Developer Expert (GDE) program and has been working on Google Apps Script and Google APIs for more than 10 years.
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Con este permiso, Folgo for Google Drive podrá:
Ver, modificar, crear y eliminar archivos de Google Drive
Consulta el registro de actividades de los archivos de tu Google Drive
Consultar información básica sobre las carpetas o los archivos de Google Drive que selecciones
Ver, editar, crear y eliminar todas tus hojas de cálculo de Hojas de cálculo de Google
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Galo Leroux
24 de marzo de 2021
I'm going to test it. I'm sure it would be a good product like all those developed by Romain Vialard
¿Te parece útil esta reseña?
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Antonio Medina Mora
2 de marzo de 2021
Estoy tratando de transferir ownership a otro usuario. Selecciono la carpeta raíz y uso la opción carpetas y archivos. Al final transfiere el ownership de las carpetas pero no de los archivos que están dentro de las carpetas. En el reporte final marca un error de que no puedo transferir el ownership de este archivo. Como se soluciona este problema?
¿Te parece útil esta reseña?
Profile Picture
David Rivadeneira
17 de marzo de 2021
100% recomendado es una aplicación muy útil al momento de hacer listados o detalles de archivos
¿Te parece útil esta reseña?
Profile Picture
Alfredo González Salazar
11 de julio de 2021
Aun no la he utitizado para evaluar su utilidad, más adelante lo haré hasta ver resultados.
¿Te parece útil esta reseña?
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yeshua compra
2 de noviembre de 2020
la aplicacion si funciona, hace las copias pero tiene sus errores que es. a la hora de copiar una carpeta compartida que dentro tiene muchas carpertas que tiene archivos, no los copia solo copia las carpetas pero los archivos que tienen dentro. me gustaria que pudieran revisar esta aplicacion para que se arregle ese error.
¿Te parece útil esta reseña?
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