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Direct Google Forms™ submission to apps in Google Workspace™, CRM, Accounting, Productivity, Marketing etc.
Listing updated:January 20, 2023
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Form Director turns your Google Forms™ submissions into Google Docs™, Slides™, Sheets™, Calendar™ events, Contacts™, Tasks™, Cloud Database records, Email notifications, QuickBooks posts, Trello cards, Insightly objects, Slack messages, Asana tasks, Hubspot contacts, etc.

FREE quota to try your integrations and automations with Google Workspace™ apps and other external applications.

Form Director works as an advanced Form Publisher with document publishing plus advanced Data Director integrations with the following apps.

✔ Google Forms™ to Google Workspace™ apps - Google Calendar™, Contacts™, Tasks™, Docs™, Sheets™, Slides™, Drive™, Email

✔ Google Forms™ to Databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud SQL, MongoDB, Firestore, Datastore etc.

✔ Google Forms™ Email Notifications via Gmail™ or other custom email providers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun etc

✔ Google Forms™ to CRM systems - Insightly, HubSpot, Copper, Salesforce, Zoho CRM etc

✔ Google Forms™ to Accounting systems - QuickBooks, Zoho Books etc

✔ Google Forms™ to Communication tools - Slack, Twilio, Telegram, Google Chat™, Discord, Zoom etc

✔ Google Forms™ to Productivity apps - Trello, Asana, Smartsheet, Airtable, BaseCamp, Notion, Clickup, Todoist  etc

✔ Google Forms™ to Marketing apps - MailChimp, ActiveCampaign etc

✔ Google Forms™ to Payment systems - Stripe and PayPal

✔ Google Forms™ to Legal systems - Clio

✔ Google Forms™ to Ticketing apps - Zendesk

✔ Google Forms™ to Common apps - Webhook

✔ Google Forms™ to Social Media apps - Twitter, LinkedIn


Below are the applications supported by sample use cases. Remember that there is no limit to your creativity to use Form Director wherever you feel it fits and whatever use cases that you may have.

►  Google Forms™ to Google Docs™ - Use Cases: Publish Proposals, Agreements, Invoices, Estimates, Contracts, Bills, Letters, etc by submitting Google Form.

►  Google Forms™ to Google Slide™  - Use Cases: Publish sales & marketing presentations, pitch decks, monthly meeting slides, etc by merging your template and form data.

►  Google Forms™ to Google  Sheets™ - Use Cases: Create records in three different Google Sheets™ accessible by three different teams for each form submission.

►  Google Forms™ to Google Calendar™ - Use Cases: Book an appointment, reserve a table, book a meeting by creating events from form submission. 

►   Google Forms™ to Google Contacts™ - Use Cases: Create your leads into your Google contacts

►  Google Forms™ to Database - Use Cases: Create Customers, Orders, Tickets, Invoices, Payments, and literally anything on your Database table by  submitting Google Form

►  Google Forms™ to Google Tasks™ - Use Cases: Create a to-do item in your task, when a lead signs up on your web page.

►  Google Forms™ to Email - Use Cases: Send templated emails for confirming order submission to customer, project, and delivery teams.

►  Google Forms™ to QuickBooks - Use Cases: Onboard your employees, vendors and customers on QuickBooks on form submission

►  Google Forms™ to Trello - Use Cases: Create a card on Trello board and organize the work items on form submission

►  Google Forms™ to Twilio - Use Cases: Send SMS notification to Delivery Team on orders submitted in Google Forms

►  Google Forms™ to Insightly - Use Case: Create contact/ opportunity in Insightly when potential customers enquire a product on the website

►  Google Forms™ to Salesforce - Use Case: Create leads in Salesforce when potential customers enquire about a product on your website that has Google Form embedded.

►  Google Forms™ to Slack - Use Case: Send new order notification on a Slack channel

►  Google Forms™ to Asana - Use Case: Create a new task in Asana for delivering the ordered item

►  Google Forms™ to HubSpot - Use Case: Capture leads from your website into Contacts in Hubspot

► Google Forms™ to Telegram - Use Case: Create and send messages to Telegram Groups, Channels, Users on Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Google Chat™ - Use Cases: Compose and send messages to Google Chats™ on Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Smartsheet - Use Cases: Create record in Smartsheet on Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Airtable - Use cases: Insert into table of Airtable base from Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Basecamp - Use Cases: Create ToDo list in Basecamp on Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Copper - Use Cases: Create lead, people in copper on Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Zendesk - Use Cases: Create ticket in Zendesk on Google Form submission. 

► Google Forms™ to Mailchimp - Use Cases: Create in List on Google Form submission in Mailchimp.

► Google Forms™ to Active Campaign - Use Cases: Create contacts in Active Campaign on Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Stripe - Use Cases: Create customer / invoice item and invoice in Stripe on Google Form  submission.

► Google Forms™ to Paypal - Use cases: Create draft invoices in Paypal on Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Webhook - Use Cases: Make HTTP post requests on Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Clio - Use Cases: Create contact in Clio from Google Form submission.

► Google Forms™ to Twitter or LinkedIn - Uses Cases: Post tweet in Twitter timeline on Google Form submission.


►  Manage multiple services and switch on/off certain services
► Generate, store and email Google Docs, Sheets and Slides into several formats (PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc)
► Share generated files with multiple recipients with edit/ view/ comment access
►  Success notification on a templated email message
►  Error notification is sent when there is a failure in processing the configured services.
► Comprehensive Mapping infrastructure  to map App fields (form, templated, calculated, result, lookup)
►  Intelligent mapping that significantly reduces by mapping fields automatically.
► User-friendly Field Picker GUI to pick form, app, system, and result fields
► Execute your services based on conditions.
► Service Chaining - send previous service response to the next service.
► Auto-generated number for document/ fields in a selected incremental order.
► Tools - bundled tools like Response Manager, Cloner, Form Limiter


"Form Director" is built to be a powerful tool to make Google Form dance to your tune with friendly user experience (UX). Make the best out of it.
Basic features of “Form Director” with limited quota are FREE.
Advanced features and enhanced quota are available under paid subscriptions.


For more details refer
Contact us at or email for any query or feature request.
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PricingFree of charge with paid features
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Form Director will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Form Director will need access to your Google account
This will allow Form Director to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Docs documents
See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
View and manage your forms in Google Drive
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Slides presentations
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
See all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar
See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
Connect to an external service
Allow this application to run when you are not present
Send email as you
Create, edit, organize, and delete all your tasks
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
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Profile Picture
A User of Form Director
October 28, 2019
Super easy to figure out. EXCELLENT customer service, even though we are 12 hours difference. They bent over backward to help me figure out solutions for my workflow. Bravo!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Form Director
June 15, 2020
This simple to use app is fantastic in meeting an obvious gap in many forms to database processes like ours. More than that though, the developer is very helpful with support. Just have to say again how good these guys are with fast support. Even in these challenging times!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Lisbeth Chapman
September 29, 2021
We have recently grown from a staff of 10 or so to about 25 and counting. As we grew, it became hard to keep up with who was in the office and when. Using Form Director, I created a simple form that would send an email to the person's supervisor to request time off AND add their days off to a shared calendar. It has simplified things for us for sure!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
WoW Consults
August 5, 2022
This add-on worked so well. A friend introduced it to me when I complained about not being able to link my Google form to my contacts and after I installed this, I was able to do that plus more. So far, I have enjoyed using it.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Form Director
November 3, 2019
I am still not able to use it. I have it all set up, followed directions, but still not able to send the form!!!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Galo Leroux Murillo
June 30, 2021
Form Director is easy to use and reliable. I have tried the free version and I had doubts that were answered by the Form DIrector support team, even though I did not purchase a paid version. That seemed very professional of them.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
pemananda school
September 4, 2021
super super ....Works great, and the support when I had a problem (turned out to be my problem, not theirs) was excellent. thank you
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Form Director
October 28, 2019
Can anyone tell me how to map more than one field. It seems that I can only use one field to map the quantity of an item however I want to use the quantity field to also calculate the total amount based on the quantity entered into the form e.g quantity = {quantity} and amount = {quantity}*$12.50 and total amount should add all the line items. The map field only allows me to either insert the text entered for the quantity field or make it a calculation field but I can't do both using the same field type e.g. quantity = {quantity} OR amount = {quantity}*$12.50. I would like to show both fields quantity = {quantity} and amount = {quantity}*$12.50 however the mapping tool doesn't allow this. I can't calculate the total amount on the invoice because formula's aren't recognised in the spreadsheet template that's connected to the google form. Thi is because it's using the mapping code to calculate which isn't a valid number e.g. {quantity}*$12.50 however excel doesn't recognise {quantity}. The total field comes up as an error. Any suggestions on how to fix all these issues would be great as I can't seem to find a tutorial to help.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Store CP
March 1, 2021
Hi, I would like to ask why is it when I clicked the "Setup" button it appears nothing. I want to link it to my Google Forms. Please help me. Thanks in advanced.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Scott Larimer
September 12, 2022
This software works really well for what I needed it to do. As a teacher, students need to independently make appointments for enrichment and remediation period. Previously I had to keep going and checking for new posts on the google form. This streamlines the process a lot. Form Director emails me the details I need to make them a pass (day, time, teacher they're coming from) and automatically places an event on my google calendar so I don't forget with the details (what they need help with) so I don't forget about it and can see any scheduling conflicts. It works great once you get it set up. One minor frustration I have found is that if you change the form, you have to remember to go back and change the mapping for that question. It should be more automatic. I also understand that it can do way more than I use it for, perhaps a smaller price tier that allows you to pick the applications you want it to work with would be better for some users.
Is this review helpful?
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