Send emails, Generate pixel-perfect PDFs,Certificates ,Invoices, News Letters , Other professional documents, integrate with Slack ,Zappier , Google Chat or other web services that support web hooks.
Listing updated:September 20, 2023
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Using "Form Email Notifications" (by "Form Notify") you can send customised Email Notifications , Generate pixel perfect invoices , certificates , newsletters  , business letters and other PDFs and Docs

This Form Notify add-on allows you to do the following things and using this you can avoid multiple other add-ons.

Send Email Notification 
Generate Certificate or Invoice or professional Document
Control When the Form opens or closes based on Time
Integrate with other Apps 

If you are using four different add-on to do the above , Form Notify can achieve all of this for you .

You can find the detailed information on what the add-on can do for you by visiting our website Form Notify

Video Guide to Generate your First Document

Video Guide to Send your First Email Notification

Here are some of the salient features Form Notify can do

Generate Document

    -  Generate pixel perfect pdf such as invoice ,  news letter , certificate  , business letter or any other professional looking document
    -  Regenerate Documents from past Form responses
    -  Track generated document from the attached response sheet
    -  Configure multiple workflows that can send generate different documents
    -  Temporarily pause document generation
    -  Share the documents , certificates , pdfs with customers dynamically
    -  You can control the various Share options and share it with only viewer /commentor / editor access
    -  Send customized dynamic email when sharing file
    -  You can also use the generic share options and share it with any one ,any one with link ,any one with in the domain or any one with in domain with link
    -  Use expressions to customise value based on form answers
    -  Import and Export workflows across forms
    -  Send quiz scores to parents or students as a document or pdf
    -  Generate an appreciation or participation certificates
    -  Embed any public image
    -  Embed image uploaded by form respondents as part of the form submission .This is useful in many cases such as generating a document with respondent acceptance signature. 

 Email Notification

    -  Notify any one by sending rich html email automatically
    -  Notify Form Respondents when a form is submitted
    -  Create , configure and customise email notification for form respondents
    -  Notify through customised email to Form respondents and other collaborators
    -  Resend past Form responses
    -  Configure multiple processors that can send emails to different recipients
    -  Temporarily pause sending notifications
    -  Attach a PDF to your email notifications
    -  Add a Logo or Image in the top of the generated PDF
    -  Use expressions to customise value based on form answers
    -  Embed QR Code in email
    -  Import and Export your configured data
    -  Send quiz scores to parents as part of notification

 Form Controller 

    -  Limit form by opening and closing based on specific date and or time or recurring time windows

 Integrate with other Apps or services

    -  Notify everyone you wish by configuring Web hooks and integrate with apps like Google Chat ,Slack , Zappier , IFTTT or other webservices
    -  Notify users on phone through push notification
    -  Integrate with any app using http rest 
    -  Import and Export Web hooks
    -  keep the form open during certain times

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