Enhance Google Forms™ with Form Limit Timer, a dynamic formlimiter tool. Precisely control form start, from stop times and responses for form management. form limiter, formlimiter, Form Eliminator.
Listing updated:June 18, 2024
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Form Limit Timer is a great tool for making your Google Forms™ better. It helps you control when your form is open for answers. You can set the exact time for your form to start and show when it will be active. You can also set a time for it to close automatically. This keeps you in charge.

This tool is very helpful for quizzes with time limits, making appointments, or planning events. The Form Limit Timer, also known as form limiter or formlimiter, is very important. It's easy to use and very accurate. It closes your form right on time. It's a really useful add-on for Google Forms™ and helps manage your form perfectly.

Form Limit Timer, also known as Form Start/Stop, is an essential add-on for Google Forms™. It lets you:

- Turn on your form at a set start date and time.
- Choose a stop (end) date and time, so the form isn't available after a certain moment.
- Limit how many answers your form can get.

This "google form limiter" or "formlimiter google form" is a must-try for better managing your online forms.

- Set a specific start date and time, determining when your form becomes active.
- Designate a disable (end) date and time, ensuring your form becomes unavailable after a certain point.
- Show timer on the form
- Add Custom Open Form Limit Message
- Add Custom Active Form Limit Message
- Add Custom Close Form Limiter Message
- Share the formLimiter via QR Code
- Form Start and Form Stop by Date and Time Schedule.
- Sign In to submit form. Enable the requirement for respondents to sign in via a Google account.
- Limit to N responses. Respondents can submit the form only N times (leaving it empty signifies unlimited). The settings will enable "Collect email addresses" and disable "Limit to 1 response" form settings".
- Send responders a copy of their response.

The Form Limit timer is a unique add-on in the marketplace, specifically designed to enhance control over form submissions by enabling functionalities such as form stop, form start, form timer, and managing form response limits. The Form Limit timer secures your Google Forms preview URL by utilizing its own unique URL for each form preview. With the Form Limit timer, users can rest assured that their forms are accessible only within the intended timeframe, making it an indispensable tool for managing form responses effectively and securely. Form Eliminator, Eliminator.
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April 24, 2024
As someone who frequently relies on Google Forms to manage events and gather feedback, I've tried various add-ons to enhance functionality, but none have reshaped my experience quite like the Form Limit Timer. This add-on is a true gem for anyone needing precise control over form availability. The ability to set specific start and end times for a form’s activity is invaluable, especially when coordinating time-sensitive events or quizzes. Before using Form Limit Timer, ensuring that participants adhered to submission windows was a hassle; now, it's seamless. The timer not only adds a layer of professionalism but also a strict adherence to schedules, which is critical for my workflow. I particularly appreciate the custom message features, which allow me to communicate effectively with form respondents at various stages—whether the form is yet to open, actively accepting submissions, or has closed. This feature alone has saved me countless follow-up emails clarifying form status. Another standout feature is the ability to limit the number of responses. This has been crucial for appointment bookings and limited-offer events, ensuring that I don't overcommit or exceed capacity. Sharing via QR code is another thoughtful touch, simplifying the process of getting the form into the right hands quickly and efficiently. It's clear that the developers understand the needs of their users and have crafted a tool that addresses real-world scenarios with finesse. The Form Limit Timer is not just an add-on; it's a necessity for anyone serious about leveraging Google Forms to its full potential. It's user-friendly, packed with essential features, and reliable—qualities that make it stand out in a sea of Google Forms enhancements.
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June 14, 2024
love this app.. i hope this app will continue to work. thankyou
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June 6, 2024
amat senang menggunakan nya..hope keep this app on..tqqq2...
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