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Are you an educator ? a recruiter ? or some one who is using google form for assessments ? "Form Timer" can help increase your productivity by adding a count down timer to your google form.
Listing updated:February 13, 2023
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Form Timer is highly configurable and supports thousands of respondents at a time by embedding a count down "Timer" 

Using this you(Form owner) can

-Configure the assessment duration.
-Control form start and end time.
-Share a single test link to multiple people at a time using google classroom, email  and whats app. 
-Configure whether to continue or end the assessment after the time is over.
-Configure a welcome page with your logo and assessment instruction.
-Customize the background and text color of the welcome page.
-Monitor candidate submissions.
-Get candidate quiz scores.
-Support multiple logins for candidates.

"Form Timer" provides maximum free credits ,most flexible pricing plans and quick support to help you.
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Form Timer will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Form Timer will need access to your Google account
This will allow Form Timer to :
See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app
View and manage forms that this application has been installed in
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
Send email on your behalf
See and download your contacts
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
Connect to an external service
Allow this application to run when you are not present
Send email as you
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
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