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Lets you to connect to QuickBooks and direct your Google Form submissions to create new customer in your QucikBooks.
Listing updated:April 7, 2022
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Form to QuickBooks add-on for Google Forms integrates with QuickBooks, allowing you to create new customers while your form is submitted.

A customer is a consumer of the service or product that your business offers. An individual customer can have an underlying nested structure, with a parent customer (the top-level object) having zero or more sub-customers and jobs associated with it.

Sub-customer examples: Members of a team or league: the team itself is the parent customer and the members are sub-customers.
Properties managed by a property management company: the management company is the parent customer and the properties are the sub-customers.

Job examples: Tracking a kitchen remodel: the home owner is the parent customer and individual kitchen remodel tasks are jobs.
Tracking car repairs: the car owner is the parent customer and individual car repairs are jobs.

There are different ways to create contacts in QuickBooks - One such method is to create a Google Form and embed into your website and then accept the basic input from your customers like the DisplayName, Title, GivenName, MiddleName, FamilyName, Suffix, and PrintOnCheckName, attributes must not contain colon (:), tab (\t), or newline (\n) characters. When a new visitor fills in and submits a QuickBooks connected Google Form, a contact record for their email address will be created in QuickBooks automatically by the add-on.

To know more about QuickBooks customers visit:

Free Features/Limitations:
 * Create 25 customers/month

Premium Features:
 * Create any number of customers as per your QuickBooks plan

Video help:
For more details about quotas visit:

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