Collect information and approvals from team members: the easy and efficient way with Form Workflow
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Form Workflow Plus Add-On is intended for workflow creators using the Form Workflow Plus application and runs from Google Sheets. Enjoy our 2 weeks Free Trial to test Form Workflow Plus. 

(NOTE: only Creators need to install the add-on.)

Form Workflow Plus is the best tool to help you quickly create and automate approval work flows using Google Sheets and Google Forms. Workflows can be as simple or as complex as you like, with the ability to add multiple levels of approval and set multiple conditions per approval step. 

The application is useful no matter what type of user you are: 
Creators can manage workflows easily and see form details within the application or the spreadsheet. 
Reviewers can approve through one click within the email or in bulk through the approval dashboard. 
Requesters can see the forms they can use and a history of their activity. 

 - Easy set up - demos upon request, responsive support team
 - Multi-step approvals, multiple conditions per step
 - Personalized dashboard with ongoing requests, validations, and history
 - Static or dynamic email recipients
 - One-click approvals or bulk validations
 - Customizable approval forms
 - Realtime Notifications
 - Link your spreadsheet to any Google Form or create one during setup
 - Manage workflows through a dashboard or from Google Sheets
 - Only workflow creators need to install the add-on, requesters and reviewers can install the dashboard app
 - Multiple roles can be assigned to users (User, Viewer, Admin, Creator)
 - Option to send reminders to reviewers
 - Track your activity history
 - Robust Help Center content built from customers' questions over the years
 - Customer success can address your needs via email or video call
 - Flexible payment options, especially for educational institutions and non-profits
 - Available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Arabic languages
 - Truly free trial period - we don’t ask for your payment information until the end of the 2-week trial! 

Our customers loves it for easy automation of their workflows such as:
- Purchase Approval Flow
- Employee Onboarding
- Vacation Request
- Leave Approval
- Travel Reimbursements
- Shared Resources Request
- Sales discount approval
- Payment Request
- Referral form
- Transportation request
- Billing form
- Booking form
- Nomination form
- HR Process
- Payment requisition
- Vendor Payment
- Timesheet Approval


Check for pricing information. 

Contact for additional pricing options 

Going paperless with approvals with Form Workflow Plus is not just easy, it saves you time by giving you more control over your workflows. 

Schedule a demo with us now!
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