Accept eSignature in Google Forms. Export signed document to Google Drive & send as email.
Listing updated:May 22, 2024
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Google Forms™ allows you to easily create forms and collect responses from your users. But it doesn’t offer a native electronic signature feature. With Formesign's eSignature addon, you can accept legally binding electronic signatures directly from Google Forms™. This add-on simplifies the process of obtaining signatures on important documents, contracts, and agreements.


➤ Create your form in minutes with Formesign’s setup wizard
➤ Get legally binding signatures in Google Forms
➤ Incorporate multiple signatures into your form effortlessly
➤ Conveniently sign forms on any device including mobiles and tablets
➤ Design a professional looking form by customizing the layout, fonts, colors
➤ Customize the title for signature field and add description
➤ Mark signatures fields as required, optional, hidden or for office use
➤ View responses in Google Forms or sync it to Google Sheets
➤ Convert the form responses into a signed document
➤ Automatically sync the signed documents to your Google Drive
➤ Rename the synced files to include the respondent name or email
➤ Email signed documents to form respondents as well as collaborators
➤ Accept payments when users submit the form 
➤ Get pre-authorization and collect payments later


➤ Legally binding signatures
Formesign's eSignature feature ensures that signatures collected through Google Forms™ are legally binding, enabling users to sign contracts, agreements, and other legal documents online.

➤ Easy to use
Formesign simplifies the process of collecting signatures, making it easy for users to obtain signatures without the need for complex software or third-party services.

➤ Saves time and money
Formesign eliminates the need for printing, scanning, and mailing documents, saving users time and money. The signed documents can be accessed and shared instantly, increasing efficiency.

▌How to add signature?

Open your form in Google Forms > click on the addon icon > click Formesign > click Configure e-signature > Setup wizard will be displayed > Enable the e-signature option and click Next > E-signature widget will be automatically added before the Submit button > Click Proceed to open the Formesign Edit page or Preview to test the form.

▌Use cases for forms with signatures

Registration forms: Forms with signatures can be used for event registrations, where participants can sign consent forms, liability waivers, or registration agreements electronically. This streamlines the registration process and eliminates the need for physical paperwork.

Membership Applications: Associations, clubs, and professional organizations can use forms with signatures for membership applications. Applicants can electronically sign membership agreements, code of conduct forms, or other required documents during the application process.

Waivers and consent forms: In various industries, such as healthcare, fitness, recreation, and event management, forms with signatures are used to collect consent forms and waivers. Participants or attendees can sign forms electronically to acknowledge the risks, terms, and conditions associated with their participation.

▌Healthcare use cases for forms with signatures

Patient intake forms: Forms with signatures can be used for patient intake processes, where new patients can electronically sign registration forms, medical history questionnaires, privacy notices, and consent forms before their initial visit or appointment.

Acknowledgment of privacy practices: Forms with signatures can be used to ensure patients acknowledge their understanding of privacy practices and HIPAA regulations. Patients can electronically sign privacy notices, acknowledging how their protected health information (PHI) will be used and disclosed.

Authorization for medical records: Patients can electronically authorize the release of their medical records to other healthcare providers, insurance companies, or third-party entities. This includes signing consent forms for medical record requests, sharing information for referrals, or participating in research studies.

Informed consent for procedures: Healthcare providers can use forms with signatures to obtain informed consent from patients before medical procedures, surgeries, or treatments. Patients can review the risks, benefits, and alternatives and provide their electronic signature to indicate their understanding and agreement.

▌Multiple signatures

When you use the configure esignatures option in the Formesign addon menu, you have the option to add multiple signature fields in the form. This is useful for use cases when you need signatures from multiple users before the response is submitted. For example, if you have created a form for an incident report, then you may want to collect signatures from the person reporting the incident as well as the witness for that incident. Or, if you are creating a travel consent form for minors, then you will have to collect the signatures from the person who will be travelling as well as the parent or guardian. 

If your requirement is to create a signature workflow to collect multiple signatures, then you can use our Mailrecipe addon (link below). For example, the user submitting the incident report must sign and submit the form, which is then sent to the supervisor or manager for review and signatures. 

Mailrecipe addon - Signature workflow for Google Forms

❇️ Pricing
Formesign's eSignature addon is a paid product with a 7-day trial. The pricing starts at $18 per month. For details, refer to the pricing page. 
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Profile Picture
Royal Bush
July 27, 2023
I am 100% a fan of this company. We use HIPAA compliant Google Forms and needed a way to collect signatures, the industry standard company is TOO expensive. I started using FormEsign and it worked perfectly. It lacked the ability to provide a pdf copy of the form after signature. This company worked with me help their product evolve into something that could benefit all future clients AND the end user. The team was polite, professional, kind, enthusiastic, and willing to make a change. This earned my loyalty. I will sing their praises. Good work, and thank you!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Sol Evans
July 23, 2023
I am not tech savvy. I chose formesign to help create registration links for clients. Vipid has been great in assisting me. He goes above and beyond. My company now has moved from the stone age to modern age through the ability to use this feature. Of the many features I am impressed with, the ability to update a form without needing to regenerate a link is amazing. I often make mistakes and that ability allows me to fix mistakes without needing to change everything. Thank you!!!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Chris Henesy
October 30, 2023
We needed a way to create forms with e-signatures and this app made it very easy. Support is also very quick and always helpful. Cannot recommend enough!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Myles Sicuro
February 15, 2024
Does not work
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Senthil Kumar
July 12, 2023
It very friendly to used. I love it. For my case multiple signature needed. it's supporting
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
luqman khan
November 26, 2023
Yeah this is good for all
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Joan S
July 10, 2023
We were looking for a way to have a signature option in our form. Formesign addon allowed us to collect signatures for the acknowledgment and consent forms. It was simple and easy to setup. Very useful addon for google forms.
Is this review helpful?
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