Prefill customer details in Google Forms™. Hide prefilled fields & send as email to customers.
Listing updated:July 18, 2024
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Formesign's Prefill form addon (Formprefill) helps you to create unique prefill links for each customer. With features like importing from Google Sheets™, enhanced security measures, and seamless integration with email, Prefill form makes data entry efficient and secure.


➤ Prefill fields with readonly or hidden values
Google Forms™ doesn't allow you to change the form fields as readonly or hidden fields. With Prefill form, you can mark the prefill fields as readonly or hidden to control customer access and prevent accidental changes. 

➤ Secure Prefill Links
Generate safe prefill links without exposing sensitive customer information. Prefill form ensures compliance with HIPAA requirements by masking prefill information in the URL, enhancing security and safeguarding customer privacy.

➤ Create Prefill Links with Ease
Using the editor, generate unique prefill links for each customer. Tailor the form experience by prefilling specific fields based on customer information, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Customize the prefill links to meet your specific needs.

➤ Import Prefill Links from Google Sheets™
Simplify the data entry process by importing prefill links directly from a Google Sheets™. Seamlessly integrate with existing data management workflows and eliminate manual entry errors.

➤ Automated Emails with Prefill Links
Send automated emails to customers with prefill links, streamlining the data collection process. Customize the message using templates to save time and ensure consistency. Automate bulk emails to efficiently reach a large audience.

➤ Personalized Manual Emails
Edit and send personalized emails manually, tailoring each message to the recipient's specific needs and preferences. Deliver a personalized touch while maintaining the efficiency of automated data collection.

➤ Manage Responses with Ease
Efficiently manage responses using a Kanban board. Track the status of emails and monitor customer engagement. Sync responses to a Google Sheets™ for seamless data management and analysis.

➤ Analyze Data with Prebuilt Reports
Leverage prebuilt reports to analyze collected data. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

➤ Robust HIPAA Compliance Measures
Ensure HIPAA compliance with robust security features. Prefill form encrypts data during transmission and at rest. Mark fields as Protected Health Information (PHI) to secure sensitive patient data. Automatically mask PHI when sending responses via email, limiting data visibility to authorized personnel.

➤ Integrate Secure Prefill Links in Healthcare Settings
Share prefill links via email without exposing PHI, safeguarding sensitive patient data from the initial email to the completion of assessments. Prefill form is ideal for healthcare settings where security and privacy are paramount.

❇️ Pricing
Formesign's Prefill form addon is a paid product with a 7-day trial. The pricing starts at $18 per month. For details, refer to the pricing page. 
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