Mailveteran Is The Best Gmail Mail Merge and Email Verification App For Sending Personalized Emails. Mailveteran Free Mail Merge for Gmail provides Advanced Personalized Email Marketing Features
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Mailveteran Is The Best Gmail Mail Merge For Sending Personalized Emails. Mailveteran Free Mail Merge for Gmail provides Advanced Personalized Email Marketing Features And Email Verification To Maintain Upto 99% Inbox Email Delivery

➤ Send personalized emails to hundreds of recipients at once using your Gmail account
➤ Track emails opened, clicked, responded, bounced, and unsubscribed in real-time from the comfort of your spreadsheet

With Mailveteran Gmail Mail Merge You Can Send Mass Emails Directly From Gmail And Google Sheets


➤ Start the add-on from Google Sheets ->Add-ons->Mail Merge->Start.
➤Fill your sheet with recipients data or Import contacts data from Google Contacts in one click. Each column represents a personalized field. Make sure the first row in your sheet contains column names. Such as “Fullname”
➤ Create your message directly in Gmail and Save it in Drafts 
➤ Personalize Your email by using your column header variables from recipients data in Gsheets. You can add unlimited variables like  {{first name}}, {{last name}}, {{Company}}, {{links}}, {{images}} in subject lines or email body
➤Start Mail Merge and select the ‘Email To Column’. This will be the column in your sheet which contains a list of email recipients. Typically, this is a column name called ‘Email’.
➤ For a large Email Database, You can Setup a campaign with other optional features like Setting Daily Email sending limit or even an Hourly sending Limit, leaving some quota for replies 
➤ Automatically Add the “Unsubscribe button” in all your emails with one click
➤  Send a test email to your inbox before sending out the campaign to review the final email draft
➤ Click “Send Now” or Schedule the Campaign for Later. The Emails Will be sent automatically at your scheduled time
➤ Track Your Campaigns results with valuable data such as opens, clicks, bounced, unsubscribed and recipients who replied for every email campaign and set up your follow-up campaigns.

Increase the deliverability of your mails to 99% by checking recipient email Directly in your sheets. Every recipient email goes through syntax, domain, catch-all, and MX record checks right in your sheets
Email Verifier Features-
➤Filter recipients emails for Valid, Invalid, Catch-all status
➤Spam Trap and Abuse Email Verifier
➤Connects with Gsheets directly with API so you don’t have to share your Valuable data to us or our servers
Get 200 Free Credits to start validating your emails today

➤ Write your email in HTML and CSS directly inside your Gmail draft.
➤ Configure personalized email aliases and Reply-to Address before sending every campaign
➤ Add Unsubscribe Link with one click in each sent mail  to maintain regulatory compliance
➤ For Bigger Database, Mailveteran Automatically schedules your emails for the next day when Gmail’s daily sending limit is reached, Daily limit is 500 emails/ Personal and 2000 emails/ Gsuite 
➤ Option to Leave some quota for replies to your respondents from your daily sending limit
➤ Set an Hourly sending limit for your Campaigns to avoid sending all the emails at once, This feature is really useful to warm up your emails.
➤Send personalized attachments to each email (upload files to Google Drive and use Mailveteran to attach them to your email campaigns).
➤ Insert personalized links / images to each email (no need for HTML, just use the functions =HYPERLINK() and =IMAGE() in your sheet).

Tracking Features

➤ Track opens, clicks, and responses for each email sent.
➤ Track bounces and unsubscribes 
➤ All tracking happens in real-time from the spreadsheet.
➤ Segment contacts and set up follow-up effortlessly using Google Sheets’ filters. e.g: people who opened, people who didn’t open, people who didn’t answer, to all your contact list
➤ Follow up as a reply in the same thread and make it easy for recipients to get the full context.


some use cases of our mail merge for Gmail:

➤Send personalized bulk email to your Marketing Prospects, Personalised Emails Increases the open rate by 2x to drive & generate new leads
➤ Offer Personalised Discount Coupon Codes, Vouchers, etc to bulk customers while making
➤ Inviting people to an event (webinar, wedding, job-dating, fair, conference, meetup...) and get answers from a large list of guests and invitees.
➤ Apply to multiple Job Opportunities at once while keeping the outreach campaign personalized
➤ Spread the news of Launch your Product or Announcement of a new product by contacting multiple news Journalists and Influencers through a Personalised outreach campaign
➤ A newsletter solution to send periodic newsletters on your latest products, features, promotion, discount, coupon, news, reports, metrics, polls. 
➤ Use mail merge for small events such as New Year and Christmas Greetings at different period of the year 
➤ Address personalized thank-you emails to HR recruiters, crowdfunding supports, product hunt upvoters, business angels, a friend, or family.

Mailveteran is a popular mail merge add-on available in the G Suite Marketplace alternative to Gmass / G Mass, YAMM  (Yet another mail merge) Mixmax and to other solutions like Mail Merge with attachments , Gmerge, Autocrat, Mailmerge & scheduler

★ Mailveteran is a completely free mail merge to send batch personalized emails. Send bulk emails with sending limits only applied by Gmail and track openings & clicks rates with the built-in mailtrack function. 
★ Mailveteran is a G suite mail merge built so as to ensure that your privacy remains protected at all times. It requires the lowest permissions needed to run. Contrary to other mail merge add-ons, we do not store any of your data on servers and it’s only saved in your Gsheets or Gmail drafts directly

Mailveteran is here to help you make the transition from Microsoft to GSuite as smooth as possible. This add-on combines the power of Google solutions to replace mail merge solutions: Microsoft Mail Merge (also known as MS mail merge, MS Word mail merge, MS Word's "envelopes & labels", MS wizard, Mail merge Excel), Mail merge Libreoffice / Libre Office, Pages, and Numbers mail merge. Now you can mail merge from Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, and Google Drive instead of a mail merge from Excel.

Mailveteran is a better and cheaper alternative compared to other email verification and email validation tools such as Hunter, neverbounce, Zerobounce( Zero Bounce), Trumail, Millionverifier, Bulk email verifier, Mail verifier, easily making it the Best Bulk email verification tool available online

Some CRM apps have mail merge features: Sortd, Copper, Streak, Boomerang, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Woodpecker, Intercom, Hubspot, or Zendesk). However, you may just need to send mass personalized emails from Gmail or maybe looking for the cheapest mail merge solution rather than heavy marketing tools. There are also email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid or Mailjet, Sendinblue, Mailgun, Convertkit, CampaignMonitor, Mergo, Emerge, Lemlist, Yesware, Mailshake, or SalesHandy. These might be heavy and costly solutions whereas you just need a tool to send newsletters with Gmail. Make your recipients feel like emails were written by hand, with Mailveteran. It gives a more personal approach to your communication.

Mailveteran is a newly launched app on Google Workspace marketplace for all your email marketing needs among others, such as SketchUp for Schools, LucidChart Diagrams, BetterCloud, BrainPOP,  Pear Deck, Form Ranger, AODocs, EasyBib, GAT+, formLimiter, Smartsheet, Doctopus, Lucidpress, Hapara Teacher,, SMART Learning Suite, Nearpod, Kami, Choice Eliminator, Mavenlink, Flubaroo, NoodleTools, Smartsheet, MindMeister, Form Publisher, MathType, Super Quiz, Choice Eliminator, EasyBib, Backupify, Bark, Digication, Cisco Webex, MindMup, Form Mule, SysCloud Security, Screencastify, Spanning Backup, Doc Appender, DocHub,  Wrike, Virtu / Virtru Data Protection, Mailmeteor, PowerSchool, Pixton for Schools, JoeZoo Express, gPanel, LumApps, Asana, GQueues, Chromebook inventory,, DocuSign eSignature, Easy Accents, Kaizena, Kabanchi, Grackle Docs, PlanbookEdu, Power Tools, GoFileDrop, VoiceThread, Sketchboard, Mindomo, Mojo Helpdesk, Stupeflix, Slido, Certify'em, StackEdit, Colaboratory, Drag, PerformFlow, Slack, Zapier, Zoom, Appsheet and more...


In other languages, Mailveteran is a tool for:  combinar correspondencia | seriendruck | e-merge | fusion et publipostage ou envoi groupé d’emails personnalisés | combinación de correspondencia | Stampa unione | mala direta | دمج المراسلات | 邮件合并 | מיזוג דואר | 편지 병합  | слияние почты | वीडियो: मेल मर्ज | mail merge google sheets | gmail mail merge | mail merge gmail | Mail Merge for Gmail

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Mailveteran Email Verification is also known as email verifier, email validation, email validator, email verify, validate email address, bounce checker, email address validation, email verification service

Mailveteran is a popular mail merge add-on available in the Google Workspace Marketplace alternative to GMass, Email Notifications for Google Forms, Form Mule, Form Notifications, Mail Merge with Attachments, Mail Merge, and Mailmeteor, Email Merge, Mergo


Your data stays in your Google Sheets and your Gmail account. MailVeteran is GDPR compliant as we do not store or transfer any personal data. This is because your data (mailing list) is stored in your Google Sheets and is never saved in our database.
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Free Mail Merge & Email Verification will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Free Mail Merge & Email Verification will need access to your Google account
This will allow Free Mail Merge & Email Verification to :
See and download all your Google Drive files
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
View your email messages and settings
Send email on your behalf
See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
Allow this application to run when you are not present
Send email as you
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
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Profile Picture
Ben Mifsud
March 4, 2024
DONT INSTALL - Not free, requires API key from a site nolonger active, making the service unusable. get 200 credit on signup which cannot be done - site is 404 and not active
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Profile Picture
Winston Chiu
February 21, 2024
Hated it
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Antony Wootten
May 18, 2023
Looks like it should be great, but, as has already been reported by others, when I click on send, nothing happens.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
R. Ariyuda
February 14, 2023
the test mail is working. But when I try to send the mail merge, it was loading for a moment, but nothing is sent. Any idea?
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Prof Madya Dr. Setyawan Widyarto | Pusat Pengajian Siswazah (PPS)
October 23, 2022
It seems to me an excellent extension. I will try it with domain email.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
July 23, 2022
I have installed this but it doesn't show up on my add-on menu. :(
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
halem mahoni
April 3, 2021
This app is wonderful. I use it on a very regular basis. It is amazing and has solved so many problems with me now
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Satsang Pravrutti
November 2, 2021
After mail merge wizard, it says "email sent" but will sent number 0 out of total. Didn't send any email.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
stacey brown
April 3, 2021
A great add on for Sheets. Performs exactly as I wanted and much easier to use. Highly recommended!
Is this review helpful?
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A User of Free Mail Merge & Email Verification
September 23, 2021
nice add on
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