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Create custom Funnel reports using your Google Analytics data. Specify rules based on events, pages, goals, and gather insights and optimize your product conversion rates.
The funnelizer spreadsheet add-on allows you to build fully customizable product funnels based on your Google Analytics. There are some main steps:

1.General setup
Authorize and specify the Google Analytics view you want to get data from
Specify the date period to query data for.

Define which Google Analytics dimensions are interesting for you to see your data broken down by. Common dimensions would be date, device, browser, and source data (these are pre-selected)

3.Funnel step definitions
Here you will define the actual funnel steps you want to be part of the sequences you analyse. You can use our web helper tool to create rules based on any google analytics dimensions, metrics, goals etc you wish.

4.Get the data
After you're finished the inputs, run the report and get the output data in an analysis-ready format. You can create pivot tables, graphs in google sheets or connect these data to an external source (like Data Studio) and create your reports externally.

Happy funnelizing!
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Konstantinos Giamalis
July 31, 2020
Excellent tool for analyzing every kind of funnels. Since I start using it, I identified new opportunities to grow performance by optimizing only the steps that matter. Highly recommended for people that are data-driven and want to truly understand how users behave.
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Gábor Rendes
July 15, 2020
Super handy tool for analyizing sales funnels - wish i have discovered earlier! At start I needed some time to get used to the configurtion (setup sheet), but it worths the time!
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Michael Lorenzos
July 14, 2020
Fantastic tool - once you start working with it, it shapes your whole thinking around funnels. It almost makes me wonder how this isn't a built-in functionality in GA!
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