Fuzzy lookup for google sheets and fuzzy match for google sheets using approximate matching and text similarity
Listing updated:March 22, 2022
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This fuzzy lookup google sheets add-on allows you to perform fuzzy lookup and Fuzzy match up on google sheets as well as fuzzy search.

This fuzzy matching software works like fuzzy lookup add-in for excel.
It also works well as fuzzy name matching softwares such as winpure and data ladder.

The addin works as google sheets vlookup with index match combined however with more features such as ability to perform approximate match based on the text similarity which cannot be performed with vlookup in google sheets.
The addin is also an improvement of the excel fuzzy lookup and fuzzy match excel since it works on mac book computers and uses more advanced algorithms.
It uses the Fuzzy String Matching algorithm to find the best matches for a given search term. It can also be used to find similar names to a given name, or to find the name of a person with a given name.
The fuzzy lookup for sheets addon works well with no-code app building tools such as airtable, Zapier, Integromat,  notion app Glide and Carrd.

It can also be use to perform name matching and sanction screening for AML based on names similarity.
The tool can also be used for fuzzy matches in smart Lead distribution 
and management Software such as Lead angel and lean data for Lead assignment Rules.

Lead generation activities such as analyzing incoming marketing leads verses the accounts in CRM cannot  be achieved through use of VLOOKUP.  Fuzzy lookup for sheets does this very well and achieve high accuracy level.
Unlike other matching solutions, Fuzzy lookup for sheets allows for both email and domain based matching and multiple data points to ensure the highest-fidelity account match. Matching results are always updated in real-time and your data remains completely native in Salesforce.
Fuzzy lookup for sheets can also be used with refinitiv world-check one for fuzzy matching screening and due diligence so as to help on financial crime, corruption and bribery. This ensures know your customer(KYC) and third-party screening is of the highest level possible.It will ensure that organization are monitoring their customer transactions for CFT, anti-money laundering(AML) as well politically exposed persons(PEPs) and heightened risk individuals.

Some of the additional features that the addon can perform are as listed below:
vlookup with text
compare names similarity in google sheets
xlookup in google sheets
vlookup text contains
Compare address and names similarity
vlookup approximate match text
vlookup if cell contains a word within 

[WEBSITE] https://fuzzymatcher.unicornplatform.page
[CONTACT] https://forms.gle/uCtyxzkN1iLPJ2Vg9
[FEATURE REQUESTS] https://forms.gle/uCtyxzkN1iLPJ2Vg9

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