Mail merge & document merge with attachments. Merges Sheets, Docs, PDF or Email. Includes Email tracking & templates library
Works with:
Mail merge & document merge with attachments. Merges Sheets, Docs, PDF or Email. Includes Email tracking & templates library

G Merge Plus is the best alternative to other mail merge add-ons in the market (Yet Another Mail Merge, GMass, Mixmax). Together with its document merge feature, G Merge Plus is a better solution than Form Mule, Autocrat, or Mail Merge!

Here's why:
- Compliant with Google’s User Data Policy.
- Use markers with double curly brackets {{first_name}} to personalize documents or emails.
- Create customized documents using the Document Merge function and have the option to send these out as email attachments via the Mail Merge function. G Merge Plus works with Google Sheets or Google Docs templates.
- Enjoy a selection of email templates.
- Share email templates with your team.
- Track email openings.
- Collect data with Google Forms and automatically generate emails, documents or PDFs.
- Schedule future mail merges.
- Set filters to mail merge only selected rows.
- Trigger a mail merge when a Google form is submitted.

G Merge Plus will make your life easier if you work in sales & marketing, communication, HR or education. Use it to communicate with your customers, employees or students.


 - Certificates & Awards
 - Grades & Term Reports
 - Application Forms
 - Student Details
 - Test Results

Sales & Marketing: 
 - Lead Generation Report
 - Customer Order Forms & Contracts
 - Customer Invoicing
 - Sending Brochures Upon Request (After Submitting Form)

Human Resources:
 - Training Program Invitations
 - Training Assessments 
 - Worksheets (Forms)
 - Monthly Employee Reporting (Forms)
 - Performance Review (Forms)
 - Employee Stock Ownership Plan

 - Thank You Letters
 - Invitations to Events and Webinars
 - Registration Forms 
 - Game and Tournament Announcements 

- Freemium is limited to 200 merges
- Solo Pro plan is for single users, unlimited merges *: US$6/month (billed annually)
- Team plan is for 10 users, unlimited merges *  with shared templates: US$40/month. (billed annually)
* Subject to Google limitations
Contact for G Suite domain subscriptions

 1. Create a template in Google Docs or Sheets.  
 2. Place markers or variables in double curly brackets {{first_name}}. 
 3. Create your data source in Google Sheets.
 4. Click on Add-ons>G Merge Plus: Mail & Doc Merge with Attachments>Start
 5. Select “Document Merge” or “Mail Merge,” or both
 6. For Document Merge, link to your template by the Google Docs or Sheets URL. 
 7. To send an email, select Mail Merge.
 8. Create or select an email template from the library.
 9. Select “Send documents as PDF attachment” if you need to attach a document created via Document Merge into your Mail Merge.
 10. Click on the Tags Mapping tab and verify that all your tags have the green check.
 11. Set filter to mail merge only certain rows of the spreadsheet.
 12. Click the Generate button and select your mail merge scheduling options. 
 13. Notice the columns with green headers getting filled with mail merge data including the URL of the generated documents.

YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS IMPORTANT: will never share, rent, or sell your data. Period. We do not store your contacts or files in our servers. They stay in your Gmail and G Suite. For more info, visit

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See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Docs documents
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Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
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