G Suite IP, Device, Time & Location Restriction features allow users to securely login and access Google Apps from anywhere, anytime.
Listing updated:May 8, 2023
miniOrange’s SSO & IP Restriction app can be integrated with any GSuite - Google App of your choice - and you can seamlessly enable Single Sign-On or Adaptive Authentication for your users. You have a large number of granular options across our access policies methodologies, such as -

1. IP Address Restriction
2. Time-Based Restriction
3. Device Restriction
4. Location-Based Restriction

Access to your user’s google applications can be allowed, restricted, or challenged with a 2FA prompt based on these 4 factors mentioned above. It’s simple to use, easy to set up, and massively beneficial.

miniOrange G Suite Solution Key features:

G Suite IP based restriction 
miniOrange allows you to restrict the use of Google Apps only within an intranet (office premises). It will limit or block the access of the user outside the network. You can also allow/disallow a group of users to access your G Suite applications from outside the network using our group-based access policies. 

G Suite Device-Based Access Restrictions:
You can easily set a limit on the number of devices that you want users to be able to access G Suite applications from, using miniOrange. What this means is, if you want to disable access from any personal or external devices, device restriction can easily be set up to have granular control on the devices accessing your application. Once a device is registered for a user, that user’s device becomes a trusted device and he will be allowed to login without any restriction.

G Suite Location-based Access Restriction :
miniOrange allows users to restrict the use of G Suite within a particular range or location. With this, users outside of that location are not allowed to access their G Suite account.
Location-based restriction can easily be set up to scan a user’s access location and enable / disable access accordingly. It can be set up to an accuracy of a few kilometers.

 Time-Based Access Restriction:
Our time-based access restriction policy allows the Google apps (G Suite) admin to restrict users/employees from Google Apps Login after specific working hours in a day. Once this method is enabled users will get auto logged out from the system after the set working hour.

 Restrict Access Based on Google Organizational Units (OUs):
Google Organizational Units can be used to control access to various Google Apps, like Drive, Gmail, Calendar, and the Google Apps Marketplace. You can use them to restrict login access to certain apps, and to manage and grant access to users at the organization-level or below.

 G Suite Single Sign-On(SSO) :
miniOrange provides a G Suite SSO solution that allows users to securely log in with one set of credentials, reducing the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. SSO by miniOrange can be integrated with multiple third-party identity providers that support SAML, OAuth standards. Here, IDP refers to (Okta, Auth0, Ping, Onelogin, etc) or Active Directory (AD) where your existing users are managed.
Once your Google SSO login is enabled with your IDP / Directory successfully, your employees or end users will be able to login into their Google account and other integrated applications with the use of an existing username password. They won't need to create or manage credentials differently to operate a Google account or any other app account.

 Idle Session Timeout:
This feature enhances security by automatically terminating the user session and destroying the data associated with the session if the computer is idle for the configured amount of time.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) / Multi Factor Authentication (MFA):
G Suite 2fa security solution by miniOrange allows you to add an additional layer of security to your g suite login authentication. This additional verification layer acts as a security measure and prevents unauthorized people from accessing the Google account by verifying your identity even if cyber attackers get to know your credentials.
miniOrange MFA provides 15+ Authentication methods such as OTP over SMS, TOTP Tokens, hardware tokens etc. to enhance your security level with the MFA option of your choice.

User Provisioning and Deprovisioning
miniOrange user provisioning and deprovisioning allows you to update the user information in your integrated directory or Google applications when you perform creation, updation or deletion in your miniOrange service. miniOrange also provides automatic de-provisioning of the user accounts when the user leaves the team or organization.

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Associate you with your personal info on Google
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