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Download Google Analytics™ 4 data to Google Sheets™. Easily configure, edit and schedule your GA4 reports. You can compare data from two periods and receive an email if major differences are found.
Listing updated:May 29, 2023
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This Google Sheets™ add-on helps you view and edit Google Analytics 4 data more easily in Google Sheets™.

✔ Easy to use Google Analytics 4 report configurator.
✔ Schedule your reports to run and update automatically.
✔ Receive an email when your report is ready.
✔ Compare two periods and sort by the delta of the metrics.
✔ Easily create reports with data from multiple Google Analytics™ 4 properties.
✔ Edit reports with the sidebar or in the sheet with our easy to use syntax.

► Create GA4 reports
Reports can be created manually in the configuration sheet or using the add-ons sidebar. To use the sidebar, select "Extensions'' > "Reporting for Google Analytics 4" > "Create report" in the menu bar.
This will display a sidebar on the right side with which you can easily create a report configuration. The sidebar helps with the following:
✔ Look up Google Analytics™ 4 account and property information.
✔ Selecting dimensions and metrics. Including custom metrics, dimensions,  events and conversions.
✔ Apply metric and dimension filters.
✔ Determine the sorting of the report.

When you are done, click on the button "Add report to sheet" and your report configuration will appear in the sheet called “Configuration GA4 reports” (if this sheet does not already exist, it will be created).

You can go through these steps again to add another GA4 report. You can also edit the reports in the sheet or copy the information in the sheet to a new column to create a new report.

► Edit Google Analytics™ 4 reports
There are two ways to edit reports after you have created them. Via the add-on menu you can select "Edit report". A sidebar will open with a list of the report names currently in your sheet. You can select one and the sidebar will load your report configuration to the sidebar.
Another option is to edit the report configuration directly in the sheet.

► Easy to use filter expressions
You can create filters with the sidebar. But you can also create or edit filters directly in the spreadsheet:

Example 1: sessions__>__30
This will filter you report to only include rows with more than 30 sessions.

Example 2: sessionSource__contains__google
This will filter your report to only include rows with google in the sessionSource.

Visit this url for the full documentation on writing filters:

► Run GA4 reports
Go to "Extensions" > "Reporting for Google Analytics 4" > "Run reports" in the menu to run all the reports you have created.

► Schedule Google Analytics™ 4 reports to run automatically
Reports can be scheduled to run automatically. To do this, go to "Extensions" > "Reporting for Google Analytics 4" > "Schedule Reports".
A dialog will open in which you can indicate three things:

✔ Turning a schedule on and off.
✔ Choose the frequency, day and time.
✔ Set whether you want to receive an email if the execution of a report fails.

► Compare date ranges in Google Analytics™ 4
You can compare two date ranges. The add-on will show the results sorted on the delta of the first metric. The delta is the difference between the periodes.
You can add a minimum for the delta, which acts as a filter on the delta column. For instance, you can choose to only include rows where the difference of the sessions between the two periods is higher than 100. 
Or only include rows where the sales of a product dropped by more than 10.
You can then enter your email address to receive an email (e.g.) each monday that gives you the top products that lost sales compared to the week before.

This add-on requires access to your Google Analytics™ 4 property. Your Google Analytics data is safe with Google and is never seen by Adformatic.  This add-on asks permission to run when you're not there. This only happens on the schedule you set. If you don't set a schedule the add-on only runs when you manually run it.

Note: You can use this Google Sheets™ add-on "Reporting for Google Analytics 4" for free for 14 days. If you wish to continue using the add-on after the free trial period, please subscribe here:

By installing this add-on, you agree to Adformatic's:
- Terms and conditions:
- Privacy Statement:

Google Analytics™ is a trademark of Google LLC
Google Sheets™ is a trademark of Google LLC
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Its Clicked
April 19, 2023
So far so good, seems a super tool to help extract GA4 data out into Google Sheets, so I can use it in Looker Studio.
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Russ Darrow
February 20, 2023
So this is not working for me. What am I doing wrong?
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Alfredo Silva
December 19, 2022
I used the add-on for Google Sheets and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed. The easy-to-use report configurator makes it a breeze to create custom reports, and the ability to schedule these reports to run and update automatically is a game changer. The option to compare two periods and sort by the delta of metrics is particularly useful for tracking performance over time. I also appreciate that I can receive an email notification when my report is ready, which saves me the hassle of constantly checking for updates.
Is this review helpful?
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Tanja Kirkels
December 19, 2022
Very easy to use
Is this review helpful?
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Jyothi Mittapalli
April 6, 2021
Is this review helpful?
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Samson Assefa
December 7, 2020
Samson Assefa Gebrehiwot
Is this review helpful?
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Chris Jr Williams (ChrisJr4Eva87)
July 10, 2020
C x
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