A powerful mail merge and mass email system for Gmail™.
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A powerful mass email and mail merge system for Gmail™. 

Simple and powerful email marketing inside Gmail™.

*Send email marketing campaigns to thousands of email addresses.

*Mail merge with data from Google Sheets™.

*Personalize mass emails based on name, email address, and any available columns in Google Sheets™.

*Schedule mass emails to be sent later.

*Track opens and clicks.

*Send follow-up emails to people that opened, clicked, or replied to a previous campaign, or to those that did NOT open, click, or reply.

*See all reports right in your Gmail account, under the "GMass Reports" Label.

*Create instant recipient lists based on search results. 

*Send unlimited emails from your Gmail™ account by connecting your GMass account to an external SMTP service like Sendgrid.

*And the killer feature - emails can be sent as replies to the last conversation you had with each recipient.

Note that the GMass Add-on must be paired with the GMass Chrome extension for full functionality. The Add-on allows you to see statistics on sent emails and add people to your "Unsubscribes" list, but the Chrome extension is needed to launch email campaigns: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gmass-powerful-mail-merge/ehomdgjhgmbidokdgicgmdiedadncbgf

We're always improving GMass. Stay updated with GMass on the web and social media.

Website: http://www.gmass.co
Blog: http://www.gmass.co/blog
Twitter: http://twitter.com/GMassForGmail

The website at www.gmass.co has screenshots and explanations of all features. You won't find a better mass email and mail merge tool for Gmail™ than GMass! 

Any questions? Email our support team at support@gmass.zendesk.com or search our blog for answers!
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Jordi, de Corresponsables
27 de mayo de 2024
Totally recommended. One of my key tools. Very useful, fast and well integrated.
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Verónica Rodríguez
20 de septiembre de 2023
Quite easy to use, even when I had no experience I handle it quite quickly and was able to use it with no issues. The one thing I would like to see improved is the reports, to have them in a dashboard or in a google spreadsheet so we can build in formulas on top of the data, etc. Another thing, I can't install the add-on due to company security issues, it would be good to find an alternative way to have it.
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stephane debias
27 de mayo de 2024
i am very happy to use gmass and it s very easy to use
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Store Manager
15 de junio de 2023
GMass is a user-friendly email marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with Gmail. It offers powerful features for "Personalized Mass Emailing", including mail merge capabilities and automated follow-ups. The interface is easy to navigate, making it simple to set up and track campaigns. Personalization options enhance engagement, and detailed reporting helps analyze performance. While primarily designed for Gmail users, it may not be suitable for those using other email platforms. Basic features are available for free, but some advanced functionalities require a premium subscription. Overall, GMass is a reliable tool that simplifies and improves email marketing efforts.
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Luis Ángel Guerrero Ramírez
25 de noviembre de 2023
Vamos a probarlo ya después le diré como me fue
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Ecologizate Chile
22 de noviembre de 2022
Nos funciona excelente para enviar un reporte mensual a cada uno de nuestos clientes. Es simple de usar y funciona perfecto con Drive de google. Recomendado!
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WaoPress Hosting
16 de febrero de 2022
After i try at least 10 tools to made a campaign, most of them restricting the ammount of emails i can send daily, or not working a lot, i give a try to Gmass. I have to be honest, i see the app months ago, but for the lack of a good design in their website, i didnt give a try. Today, after sending 1 campaign with 25k emails, i have to say you should buy this book, no matter the cover.
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Somos DigiMENTE
9 de febrero de 2022
GMass es una herramienta muy práctica para el envío y el análisis de correos, nosotros la usamos para poder entregar en tiempo y forma varios diplomas, es una herramienta bastante útil que facilitó y aceleró el proceso. Un pequeño inconveniente que hubo fue que no se pudieron mandar todos los correos en un mismo instante, sin embargo, la aplicación por si misma los reagendó.
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Daniela Delgado Pardiñas
1 de diciembre de 2022
Gmass saved me. It's amazing how gmass saves you time when you have to send personalized emails! I would have liked to discover it earlier. That in the free version you can only send 50 emails It saved me too much time. And that makes my productivity increase
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Jorge Jerez Orazio
23 de junio de 2022
Es una herramienta muy útil para comunicar masivamente información pero con la cercanía de un correo personal, cercano. Nos ha ahorrado mucho tiempo y con información de entrega muy apropiada.
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