Use a template Google Document to generate thousands of personalized Google Documents or PDFs from Google Sheet data
Works with:
Go Document Merge is a simple and powerful document generator for Google Workspace. 

100% free

Exclusive features:

1. Generate up to 2000 or 4000 documents per day.
2. Utilize any Google Document as a template.
3. Output all generated documents in intelligently decided locations, i.e. "My Drive/Report Cards/{{First Name}}" will generate each respective rows report card data in it's own unique folder based on the first name. 
4. Input a dynamic or static file name or leave it blank for the template filename to be used. 

Dynamic file name example: "{{First Name}}_{{Last Name}}-{{Company Name}}.pdf"
Static file name example: "Offer.pdf"
Template file name example: "Offer-template.pdf"

5. Error banner indicates when Quota has been met
6. 100% free

How to begin:

After having installed Go Document Merge: 
1. Create a template document in Google Docs and name it whatever you like.
2. Add variable placeholders to the Google Doc i.e. {{First name}}.
3. Add an output folder path line of text for your desired location for files. 
4. Insert an output file name with custom variables based on the Google Sheet columns i.e. {{Customer Id}} or insert a static file name that every file will share. 
5. Click the Start Document Merge button

Ideal use cases:

๐Ÿ‘‰ You keep all of your invoice data within a Google Sheet and would like to generate personalized invoices in PDF format for your customers
๐Ÿ‘‰ You need to generate all of your students report cards that you store within Google Sheets.
Pricing: 100% free

Tutorials and support

Do you need some help with Go Document Merge? 

Visit for help on how to set up and utilize Go Document Merge effectively.


Your data stays in your Google Sheet(s). Go Document Merge is GDPR compliant as we do not store or transfer any personal data.

Please find all the information you need about privacy, GDPR, and HIPAA, here:

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Go Document Merge is a document merge add-on available in the Google Workspace Marketplace alternative to Document Studio
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