Import Google Ads™ data to Google Sheets™. Easily configure, edit and schedule your Google Ads reports. Special Performance Max reports.
Listing updated:November 22, 2023
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This Google Sheets add-on helps you view and edit Google Ads (adwords) data more easily in Google Sheets™.

✔ User-friendly Google Ads report configurator.
✔ Schedule reports to update automatically.
✔ Get email notifications when your reports are ready.
✔ Edit reports with the sidebar or in the sheet.
✔ Create reports with data from multiple accounts.
✔ Create Performance Max reports.

This add-on provides support for unlimited Google Ads accounts and reports, up to hourly automated refreshes, and email support. Only Google's quotas and Sheets limits apply. 

By using this add-on for Google Sheets you automatically enter a 14 days free trial. If you wish to continue using the add-on after the free trial, please subscribe at

► Create Google Ads™ reports
Reports can be created manually in the configuration sheet or using the add-ons sidebar. To use the sidebar, select "Extensions'' > "Google Ads™ reporting by Adformatic" > "Create report" in the menu bar.
This will display a sidebar on the right side with which you can easily create a report configuration. The sidebar helps with the following:
✔ Look up Google Ads account information.
✔ Selecting fields, segments and metrics.
✔ Apply filters.
✔ Determine the sorting of the report.

When you are done, click on the button "Add report to sheet" and your report configuration will appear in the sheet called “Google Ads report configuration” (if this sheet does not already exist, it will be created).
You can go through these steps again to add another Google Ads™ report. You can also edit the reports in the sheet or copy the information in the sheet to a new column to create a new report.

► Edit Google Ads™ reports
There are two ways to edit reports after you have created them. In the add-on menu you can select "Edit report". A sidebar will open with a list of the report names currently in your sheet. You can select one and the sidebar will load your report configuration to the sidebar.
Another option is to edit the report configuration directly in the sheet.

► Run Google Ads™ reports
Go to "Extensions" > "Google Ads™ reporting by Adformatic" > "Run reports" in the menu to run all the reports you have created.

► Schedule Google Ads™ reports to run automatically
Reports can be scheduled to run automatically. To do this, go to "Extensions" > "Google Ads™ reporting by Adformatic" > "Set schedule".
A dialog will open in which you can indicate three things:
✔ Turning a schedule on and off.
✔ Choose the frequency, day and time.
✔ Set whether you want to receive an email if the execution of a report fails.

If you also set alerts, then these will run on the same schedule.
While both, reporting and alerts, can be run in one spreadsheet, using separate spreadsheets is recommended.

► Performance Max reports
Although all available data for Performance Max campaigns can be retrieved in the standard reports, finding the specific data you need can be challenging and, in some cases, may involve multiple steps and some spreadsheet skills.
For this reason, we have created some predefined reports that make it easier to import Performance Max data to Google Sheets™.

To access the PMax reports, navigate to the add-on menu and select "Extensions" > "Google Ads™ reporting by Adformatic" > "Performance Max reports".

At the moment there are 4 PMax reports available:
✔ PMax allocation
✔ PMax search category label
✔ PMax product performance
✔ PMax placement performance

PMax allocation: This report estimates the cost, conversion, and conversion value distribution for Performance Max campaigns by combining various reports, as Google does not provide this data directly. Shopping data is derived from the 'asset_group_product_group_view' report. Video costs are calculated by multiplying the cost per view with the number of views, and conversions and conversion values are based on interactions with 'Video' assets. Display data is based on interactions with 'Marketing' assets. 'Search/other' includes all other costs.

PMax search category label: This report displays the performance of all search category labels (keywords) across all Performance Max campaigns. Adjust the lookback period to fetch data for a longer or shorter duration.

PMax product performance: This report will show product performance data from all Performance Max campaigns. Adjust the lookback period to fetch data for a longer or shorter duration.

PMax placement performance: This report will show placement performance data from all Performance Max campaigns. Adjust the lookback period to fetch data for a longer or shorter duration.

These reports will provide you with the raw data, which is easy to analyze and simple to connect to a Looker Studio Dashboard.
It is advisable to run these reports in a separate spreadsheet. Some reports may require longer processing time and generate numerous rows. If an account is too large, consider dividing the PMax reports across several spreadsheets.

► Google Ads™ alerts
This add-on provides a collection of pre-defined, but customizable, Google Ads™ alerts. To access them, navigate to the add-on menu and select "Extensions" > "Google Ads™ reporting by Adformatic" > "Alerts". A sidebar will open to guide you through the setup process.

These alerts are currently available:
1. No conversions alert: Checks how many days ago the last conversion (included in the conversions column) occurred. An alert is sent if the number of days is above the threshold.
2. No impressions alert: Checks how many hours ago the last impression for an account occurred. This checks writes basic data of the last 24 hours to the sheet "No impressions alert" and sends an alert if the number of hours is above the threshold.
3. Account performance alert: Checks yesterday's account performance for clicks, cost and conversions. It compares yesterday's performance with the average performance on the same weekday in the previous weeks. An alert is sent if the deviation is above the threshold.
4. Monthly budget alert: Checks this month's spend until yesterday against the budget available until yesterday. A budget state is calculated and an alert is sent if the difference becomes too great. You can set the thresholds yourself.

This add-on requires access to your Google Ads account. Your Google Ads™ data is safe with Google and is never seen by Adformatic. 

By installing this add-on, you agree to Adformatic's:
- Terms and conditions:
- Privacy Statement:

Google Ads™ is a trademark of Google LLC
Google Sheets™ is a trademark of Google LLC
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