Easiest way get End-of-Day (EOD), Intraday, Delayed and Real-Time prices for: Stocks, ETFs, Funds, Indices, Futures, Bonds, Options, Forex Pairs and Cryptocurrencies into your Google sheets directly.
Listing updated:September 7, 2023
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Our Financial Add-In For Stocks & Crypto Market Data allows to get End-of-Day (EOD), Intraday, Delayed and Real-Time prices for:
 • Stocks
 • ETFs
 • Funds & Mutual Funds 
 • Indices
 • Futures
 • Bonds & Government Bonds
 • Options
 • Forex Pairs
 • Cryptocurrencies

In a few clicks you can download the Fundamental data for:
 • Stocks
 • ETFs
 • Funds & Mutual Funds 
 • Indices

You'll be able to explore the detailed financial statements and tables eg:
 • Earnings
 • Balance Sheets
 • Equities
 • Cash Flows
 • Income Statements

The Add-In could be used in a free trial mode, the DEMO API key allows obtaining data from a limited set of tickers data AAPL.US | TSLA.US | VTI.US | AMZN.US | BTC-USD | EUR-USD

To get full coverage of 150,000+ tickers | 20000+ ETFs | 600+ indices | 1100+ forex pairs | 120+ CRYPTO pairs, in just a few clicks from 70+ Exchanges all around the world, you should subscribe to the EOD Historical Data service and get your personal API key.
➡️ https://eodhd.com

Explore the full documentation to learn more about all available symbols, exchanges, and API methods.
➡️ https://eodhd.com/financial-apis
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