A free integration of ChatGPT™ and Bard™ into Google Workspace™. The full power of AI for data extraction, outlines, categorization, translation, correction, summarization, etc.
Listing updated:November 29, 2023
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GPT Sheets™ Docs™ Slides™ is an AI assistant for Google Sheets™ Google Docs™ and Google Slides™.

✓ No sign-up required. ✓ Free with premium features. ✓ No API key required.

It is built on top OpenAI GPT-4 and Google Bard™ models and can be used for all sorts of tasks on text and data analysis: writing, editing, extracting, cleaning, translating, summarizing, outlining, explaining, etc.

➤ More details on https://gpt.space
➤ This add-on was developed by Qualtir.com


This add-on brings ChatGPT™ and Bard™ power to Google Sheets™ through simple custom functions: 

=GPT to get the result in a single cell
=GPT_LIST to get one list item per row
=GPT_TABLE to get an entire array

This add-on will help you achieve some tasks such as:

● For Google Sheets™:

- Writing whole paragraphs or procedures.
- Cleaning up lists of names, addresses, emails or companies, dates, currency amounts, phone numbers.
- Classifying lists of reviews with sentiment analysis or feature categorization.
- Summarizing reviews.
- Writing responses to online comments.
- Trying different versions of a prompt quickly.
- Working on ad copy (PPC, Google ads, Facebook ads).
- Working on SEO metadata (titles, descriptions).
- Working on landing page copy.
- Managing and cleaning product catalogs for e-commerce stores (Shopify / Amazon).
- Changing the case of your cells text: upper / lower / capitalize / toggle case.
- Split content of cells across, given any separator to multiple columns. 
- Translate text.

● For Google Docs™:

- Outlining a piece of content.
- Expanding a piece of content.
- Writing emails or blogs.
- Summarizing notes.
- Translating content.
- Changing the style of content.

● For Google Slides™:

- Generate slide content.
- Generate an entire presentation with images and animations.


Need a helping hand? Have a look at our extensive guides. 
Documentation link: https://gpt.space/support


1️⃣ Open Google Sheets™, Google Docs™ or Google Slides™.
2️⃣ Click on the GPT Workspace logo on the right sidebar.
3️⃣ Try out the different functions shown on the add-on.

Note: Regarding GPT for Google Sheets™, you will have to enable the formulas first by clicking on the Extension menu > "GPT Workspace" > "Enable custom functions in this sheet"


GPT Sheets™ Docs™ Slides™ offers an extensive free tier and an Unlimited Premium plan starting at 9$/month only


- Data analysts and data professionals who need to enhance quickly how their spreadsheets look like
- E-Commerces owner who needs to enrich their spreadsheets with data coming for other documents
- And also startups, digital marketing agencies, consultancy groups...

GPT for Google Sheets™ targets to provide the best collection of tools, helping you to perform complex data manipulation operations without any technical knowledge. 

Forget about complex formulas and time-consuming spreadsheet verifications: prompt GPT and let it do the job! 

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PricingFree of charge with paid features
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GPT for Docs™ Sheets™ Slides™ will need access to your Google account
This will allow GPT for Docs™ Sheets™ Slides™ to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Docs documents
See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Slides presentations
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
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