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ChatGPT in Google Sheets™ and Docs™. Get the full power of AI for inspiration data cleaning, classification, extraction, translation, edition, summarization, writing directly in your Sheets™ and Docs™
Listing updated:March 17, 2023
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GPT for Sheets™ and Docs™ is an AI writer for Google Sheets™ and Google Docs™. It enables you to use ChatGPT directly in Google Sheets™ and Docs™. It is built on top OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT-3 and GPT-4 models. You can use it for all sorts of tasks on text: writing, editing, extracting, cleaning, translating, summarizing, outlining, explaining, etc 
If ChatGPT was GPT for Chat, you can think of GPT for Sheets™ as SheetGPT.

The default model for all functions is now ChatGPT gpt-3.5-turbo.
Other base models can be chosen, including GPT-4 if you have access.

Website: (learn how to use GPT for work)
How to set up:
Video tutorials:

Mentioned by Marc Andreessen as a "killer app":

The possibilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT-3 in your documents are almost endless. 

This add-on brings ChatGPT and GPT-3's AI power to Google Sheets™ by exposing many simple custom functions: 
GPT to get the result of ChatGPT in a single cell
GPT_LIST to get multiple result in a column (one item per cell)
GPT_TABLE to get a table of items from a prompt
GPT_FILL to fill a range from examples
GPT_FORMAT to sanitize your spreadsheet data into the same format
GPT_EXTRACT to extract entities from your Sheets™ data
GPT_EDIT to edit your spreadsheet content
GPT_SUMMARIZE to summarize your spreadsheet content
GPT_CLASSIFY to classify spreadsheet content into a single category
GPT_TAG to apply tags to your spreadsheet content
GPT_TRANSLATE to translate your spreadsheet content
GPT_CONVERT to convert from table to csv to html to json to xml, etc
GPT_MAP to map values from two columns

This add-on will help you achieve some tasks such as:
- generating blogposts ideas
- writing whole paragraphs or procedures
- cleaning up lists of names, adresses, emails or companies, dates, currency amounts, phone numbers
- classifying lists of reviews with sentiment analysis or feature categorization
- summarizing reviews
- writing responses to online comments
- trying different versions of a prompt quickly
- working on ad copy (PPC, Google ads, Facebook ads)
- working on SEO metadata (titles, descriptions)
- working on landing page copy
- managing and cleaning product catalogs for e-commerce stores (Shopify and Amazon)
- translations

- outlining a piece of content
- expanding a piece of content
- writing emails or blogs
- summarizing notes
- translating content
- changing the style of content

In addition, this add-on will let you experiment easily with hyperparameters:
- temperature
- model (including fine-tuned models in Sheets™)
- maxTokens

This add-on is completely free to use. You only need to pay OpenAI's API cost. You will need to insert your OpenAI api key. This is unrelated to ChatGPT Plus/Pro subscriptions.
All the details are on our website:

Please note that we recommend you write your letters to your grandmother by yourself with pen and paper, the slides are just provided as a cheeky examples of what can be achieved with this tool :)

This product is brought to you by, maker of YAMM, Form Publisher and Awesome Table, which are some of the most popular add-ons of the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Talarian is not affiliated with OpenAI
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Shiva Kakkar
March 3, 2023
I just keep getting an error when trying to set the API key "ScriptError: Authorization is required to perform that action." Can you look into it?
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Mohammed Ali
March 17, 2023
The extension is very useful I started to use it in almost a daily basis. It's easy and the number of available functions is growing. The author's YouTube channel is very useful too and new videos are uploaded regularly. Big love for it❤️
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Sharon Hoo
February 28, 2023
Do I need to Upgrade to PRO of ChatGPT before I can use this? It doesn't work on my Chrome with the API key applied :( Help!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
OTC Shoppe Express
March 3, 2023
Wow! Such a great and FREE app. Even though it is FREE, customer service is impeccable and FAST. Stop paying for these other apps and buy this dev a cup of coffee! Our business is loving this app and wanted to leave a shoutout to the dev(s) and the amazing work.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
David Boyle
March 5, 2023
I use this all day every day. It is like having a magic wand to wave over your spreadsheet. It enables me to do things I’d never even considered before. I’m eternally grateful
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Web Analytics
March 10, 2023
Really enjoying this extension, works well and is not as slow as other extensions. The set-up process was a bit of a hassle, but that could have just been my set-up. The support team was helpful, attentive and patient as well. Still learning tips and tricks of how to best use it. Keep up the good work Talarian!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
syfullah faruque
March 11, 2023
hello, i am trying to make a vocabulary list in german where i will need the synonyms and antonyms of a word in a cell on gsheet in 2 individual cells in the same row. is there a function for it? (my tech expertise level is near zero) (will change review the moment i get a solution)
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Paul Menoret
March 7, 2023
Great tool, extremely efficient and very well made tutorials! Best of luck
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Punga Hutinani
March 8, 2023
Seems to work as advertised, but it lost a star from me because It couldn't handle my entire document. Seems to only be able to capture context from the tail-end if the document is longer than a few pages. If you're starting a new document, this could be useful, but if you're hoping to continue building on a work-in-progress, it seems you might need to look elsewhere.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Takeo Kimura
March 2, 2023
So many great features and amazing support. Keep it up!
Is this review helpful?
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