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Open-sourced mail merge add-on using Gmail and Google Sheets. Free for all.
Listing updated:October 21, 2021
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Send personalized emails based on Gmail template to multiple recipients using Gmail and Google Sheets. The namesake Group Merge feature allows the sender to group the contents of two or more rows into one email for a single recipient.  OPEN-SOURCED and FREE!

Like the mail merge feature available in Microsoft Word, Group Merge allows Gmail/Google Workspace users to send personalized emails to the recipients listed in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Some notable features are:
- Group Merge feature combines contents of two or more entries for the same recipient into a single email.
- Use Gmail drafts as the template for mail merge. HTML styling, file attachments, CC & BCC recipients, and Gmail labels are preserved in the personalized emails.

Please visit the website for more details!

The original icon of this add-on was made by Freepik ( from ( and its colors are modified to fit the theme color of the app.
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July 11, 2021
このようなアラートが出まして、先にすすめません。。。 Unexpected Error: Exception: Invalid email: NA at mailMerge (src/mailMerge:533:28) at createDraftEmails (src/mailMerge:285:28) at
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