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Use "Highlight Tool" for additional highlighting needs in Google Documents. Create and edit customized highlighters that automatically save.
Use "Highlight Tool" for additional highlighting needs in Google Documents. Create and edit customized highlighters that automatically save. Use these highlighters to highlight selected text.  Export the highlighted text to a separate document by sequence or by color.

"Highlight Tool" is not specific to but can be used to organize essays, categorize ideas, or emphasize important facts. The highlighters on the sidebar allow users to easily highlight selected text as well as understand what the meaning of those colors.

"Highlight Tool" also enables its users to share a set of personalized, self-created highlighters with other users. These allow multiple users (especially teachers and students) to be on the same page and use the same highlighters and guidelines! Thus, this add-on allows for efficient communication of ideas especially in a school environment.

For additional information, view

Thanks for reading this and using Highlight Tool! If any issues arise, please report the issue and include your name and email address (this is optional but it enables me to communicate with you to get specifics and follow up on errors I may not have realized before). This can be done by going to a Google Document -> "Add-ons" -> "Highlight Tool" -> "Help" -> "Report an issue"

COPPA Compliance/Privacy Concerns
This Google Add-on:
-Does not sell in-app products nor advertise to its users (completely and will always be free)
-Does not collect nor store any information about the user or his or her Google Documents
-Does not communicate with the user unless he or she has submitted an issue report/has emailed me

Feel free to email me at if you have more specific concerns.

*Big thanks to Devin Hess for collaborating with me and providing many great ideas that has made the add-on the add-on it is today. I believe I have documented and cited his ideas in the patch notes below.

***Patch Notes***
- Refactored everything
- Added support for extracting highlighted text from tables
- Cleaner Highlighter Library UI
- Added support for unhighlighting tables
- Removed usage of cookies

-Fixed bug with "Export Highlights" ("\r" doesn't work well with TableCell.appendParagraph(text))

-Export Highlights now has the option of choosing the destination document (current document, new document, or other document given a url)
-'Expand All/Minimize All' button has been added to the library (Devin Hess)

-Import Highlighters and Auto-import feature on start now pop up a dialog that displays all sets and their highlighters found within the document
   -Users are now able to select which sets they want
-Thanks to Devin Hess once again

-Extended swapping to individual highlighters within sets in the 'Highlighter Library'
-Add-on now warns users of 'duplicate sets' (sets with the same set name) when importing a set in and asks if they would like to override the preexisting set or to keep both sets
  -Both ideas by Devin Hess once again! Thank you!

-Fixed 'Create Highlighters', 'Import Highlighters', and auto-import on 'Start' not saving when the user is new (no sets have been created in the 'Highlighter Library' (thanks Jana Mobley)
-Added 'Associate' drop-down: users will now be able to quickly add their current highlighters on their sidebars to their documents as a 'highlighter block' (thanks Devin Hess again)
-Switched the position of the 'Create Highlighter' and 'Highlighter Library' buttons on the sidebar
-'Import Highlighters' now scans for more than one block. Users can now import multiple sets/libraries at a time.
-'Auto-import' feature now scans the document on start up for highlighter set blocks, then asks the user if they want to import these sets
-'Settings' can be found under "Add-ons" > "Highlighter Tool" > "Settings" and users can turn off the 'Auto-import' feature if they find it annoying
-'Swapping' within a library is now enabled! Users can now rearrange their library to fit their organizational needs! Hopefully users find this feature useful and will no longer have to delete sets to rearrange their library!
--Once again, thanks to Devin Hess for these suggestions.

-'Import Highlighters' feature now automatically sets that imported set as the user's current set on the sidebar. The sidebar will now restart automatically after using this feature to prevent possible errors

-Added "Sets/Library" functionality. Users are now able to create "sets" of highlighters and store "sets" into a "library". For example, students can create a set for "History" and a set for "English". Hopefully this allows users/students to organize their texts/docs more effectively.
-Major thanks and shoutout to Devin Hess once again for this amazing idea!

-Added website

-Hopefully resolved all issues concerning highlighters not being created, edited, or deleted. From my vision/knowledge, I see a few places where errors can be generated; however, these errors should not arise unless you are intentionally trying to break the add-in. (No longer using DocProperties for polling, using SessionStorage now).

-Added a "Un-highlight" button due to popular demand. 
-Added a "Share Highlighters" and "Import Highlighters" feature! This will allow users to share their set of highlighters with other users. This will hopefully be especially useful for teachers who have a set of highlighters given a specific assignment and want their students to use the same guidelines and highlighters. Thank you to Devin Hess for the idea!
**Please provide feedback on these two items if you have time as they are new and have only been tested by me!

-Fixed bug with no-text highlighters. Highlighters created with no label or text should now work without any errors.

-Fixed sidebar size issues; should now automatically resize itself to encapsulate all of the necessary buttons and add a scroller to the highlighter key.

-The created "Saved Highlights" document is now formatted in a grid for easier viewing and organization
-The initial text in the "Export Highlights" dialog popup is now unclickable until the link/url is retrieved
-Highlighters/Buttons should no longer overflow (added scrolling) 

-Fixed issues with "Export Highlights" being slow
-Added additional attributes to text for "Export Highlights"
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Shyam Sundar
April 30, 2021
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Shad Milu
April 29, 2021
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Ry J.
April 28, 2021
Doesn't work with anything except native Google docs. No .docx or word .doc files, which many of my students upload. How a feature like this isn't just a simple macro key or detachable panel is a massive oversight on Google's behalf.
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Adilson Caceres
April 26, 2021
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Jessica Tena
May 4, 2021
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Eduardo Amastal Alvarado
April 19, 2021
i like it it is helpful
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Darby O'Coin
April 19, 2021
Kind of hard to use, but at the same time it was very easy!
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April 16, 2021
Can't find it in my addons
Is this review helpful?
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Ameylia Ells
April 14, 2021
highlight the important information
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Amara Steel
April 14, 2021
how do i used it
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April 8, 2021
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