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Rapid content creation & sharing software for the busiest people i.e. sales and support. Quickly create Videos & Screen-capture required for their sales and support life cycle.
Hippo Wiz is am online free, simple and quick, screen recorder and sharing application.

With Hippo Wiz you can easily record, edit, share and store screen captures & webcam video. Record your desktop screen or record from webcam or do a combination of both at the click of a button. 

The free version allows you to record up to 10 minutes with a maximum bandwidth of 100 mb. It also comes with the Hippo Wiz logo as a watermark and you can record up to 50 videos/month. Other premium features are also not available in the free version. 

The Premium version lets you record for an unlimited time. No watermark. Videos can be exported to MP4 or stored in Google Drive. Hippo Wiz also hosts your videos. A clear advantage over screencastify. 

Why Hippo Wiz over other screen recording tools?
Hippo Wiz is a versatile solution for all your screen recording needs. 


Hippo wiz is a light but powerful solution for universities and safe for school children.

  1. Record the Presentation for the Class
  2. Grade Presentations
  3. Run classroom sessions
  4. Communicate with parents. 

  1. Record the assignment
  2. Practice Presentations
  3. Create demos
  4. Explain concepts
You can also do a lot more with this single tool. 

Sales and support:

Sales and Support employees gain insights during their deal wins and support resolutions. They also need to quickly create demos for a product feature to win a deal or help resolve a customer issue. But they are too busy to create & share it to customers & their team. Hippo Wiz helps in rapid content creation & knowledge sharing by anyone through Videos & Screen-capture 

  1. Freshdesk and Zendesk integration - The only chrome extension in the market that integrates seamlessly with Freshdesk and Zendesk.
  2. Explainer Videos - Create an explainer video to help explain a feature to the customer
  3. How-To Videos - Create quick How-To's videos with steps to help customer achieve a task 
  4. Solution Videos - Send video on the tailored solution for quick and relevant support
  5. Training Videos -  Embed Training videos in customer portal to enable Customer self-learning 
  6. Customer Testimonials - When customer sends thank you note, instantly capture the customer delight as Customer Testimonial Videos.
  7. Share insights - Create Videos on the insights gained resolving critical support with your team. 

Sales & Account Management:

  1. Record video to share Sales insights gained in deal wins and losses
  2. Quickly create video demos of a product feature to win a deal 
  3. Share sales strategy through videos
  4. Build impressive product demo videos
  5. Share sales best practices as videos 
  6. Product updates training as videos for Channel Partners


Video is already the big thing in the market. Marketing has moved from text to infographics to videos right now. Ride on the wave by creating

  1. Product demo videos
  2. Brand communication videos
  3. Webinars

or anything that would add value to your customers. Convey a consistent and clear brand message through videos.

Corporate Training:

Use Hippo Wiz to create

  1. Practice videos
  2. Explainer videos to explain concepts
  3. Course videos

Why restrict an ultra-flexible product to niche markets? Hippo Wiz is for everyone. Create all types of videos with Hippo Wiz and demonstrate the complete potential of the product. You can write to us at

Write to us to know about our Premium version and bulk licenses.
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