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Listing updated:September 21, 2023
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Access your AI-powered IllumiTacit macros from your documents!

Harness the power of your AI tools on any document you are editing.
1. Access your Macros from the add-on sidebar.
2. Click the macro button to send the highlighted text in your active document to IllumiTacit and receive the responses directly in the sidebar.
3. Once the response is loaded, you can insert it into the document directly with the "insert" button, or copy it into the system clipboard for access outside of Google Docs.
4. Or start an ephemeral chat session!

### Change Log ###

Version 26(v0.5.11):
- Fix bug where ephemeral chat didn't send a prompt.
- Internal updates to code organization (no functional changes).

Version 25 (v0.5.10.1):
- Fix bug where the logout button does not reflect the logout status in the sidebar.

Version 24 (v0.5.10):
- Handle document index selector for Macros that require them.

Version 23 (v0.5.9):
- Add tooltips to Macro inputs in the form to show the Input descriptions.

Version 22 (v0.5.8):
- Properly label optional inputs as optional when collecting Macro inputs.

Version 20 (v0.5.7):
- Add ability to render and smart copy light markup in the responses (simple tags like `b`, `s`, `u` tags).

Version 19 (v0.5.6):
- No functional changes (internal updates to code organization).

Version 18 (v0.5.5):
- Add a reload button for reloading the list of Macros.
- Reorganize action buttons into an overflow dropdown to allow room for future additional actions.

Version 16 (v0.5.2):
- Fix bug where the input type was not properly being detected when selecting text.

Version 15 (v0.5.1):
- Added proper handling of generated procedure Macros.

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